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Illinois is one step closer to taking away yet, another freedom from you by raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. Let’s stop them now.


Over the 16 years in business, I’ve done whatever I could to refrain from political opinions. But please, permit me this one exception.

If an 18 year-old can sign up for the military, they should be able to choose whether or not to smoke or vape. That’s a fact. People in this country can have a choice to make their own decisions. Not have the government do it for them. Now, the state is trying to change a decades-old law by raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.

In 2009, the federal government decided to raise taxes on tobacco by an insulting 156%. That took a good chunk out of businesses such as mine and started increasing the trend of cheaper options such as roll-your-own and e-cigarettes. 

In 2012, the scumbag governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, thought it was cute to do the same for the state alone by raising it $1 a pack and 18% on all loose tobacco and cigars. Apparently, the whole “we need money” thing hasn’t worked out very well as Illinois has the fourth largest tobacco tax in the country. In ten years, the average pack of cigarettes has doubled. I still make the same amount of money on a pack of cigarettes as I did in 2002. The difference is that the pack of cigarettes cost about $5 more. Helping vote this crud out of office in 2014 was very euphoric.

This is not a Democrat/Republican-Liberal/Conservative issue. Nobody wins in this case. And if Illinois passes this bill to raise the legal smoking age, they are going to be losing way more money. And so will businesses such as mine. There are plenty of reports out there of citizens fleeing this state because of the corruption and costs. This is one reason why. And we all know that taxes will get raised again.

I know, this is the state of Illinois after all. The same state that sent four out of six governors to prison. It’s scumbags lining their pockets off of us. It’s time we stop them from making choices for us. If you are reading this, this concerns you. Let’s stop them in their tracks.

Come celebrate the festivities with us this weekend! (April 27-29)

With the weather *supposedly* being nice this weekend, feel free to get things going in style with us. Our humidors have been re-stocked with plenty of cigars, including the new “Acid Nasty”. We now carry ten different types of Acid Cigars. Also, there is a sports entertainment event being aired Friday morning from a huge stadium overseas. Below is what we have for deals and everyday is different. You must mention this posting to get the deals. That’s the rule, folks!

Friday – The show begins at 11:00 a.m. and we will have it on the TV at the store for the fans to see. All cigars will be 10% off.

Saturday – $2 off any Kratom or CBD product. Unlimited quantities.

Sunday – Get $5 off any vaporizer kit and $2 off all e-liquid bottles.

We’ll see you here!

Special thanks to the Northern Star for featuring us in their newspaper for the 4-20 Sale!

The 4-20 Sale is here. Let’s go! (April 19-22)

Pipes/Hitter Boxes/Grinders/Vaporizers: 15% off

Detox products: 10% off

Smoke Odor Eliminator Sprays/Candles: $2 off

Click on picture to enlarge.

A return to where it all began: New Orleans

It was 2014. The King of Kings had to start all over again due to the machine. Well, we can proudly say that four years later, the machine has been taken down. It all started in March of 2014 with a trip to New Orleans. Now, it’s become an annual tradition of going to various cities to defend the title of DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champion.

As shown last year, the Doofus down the street became a wise man by deciding not to show up. Still, he continues to steal ideas and be just a big goofball in his store by bouncing around begging people to buy things they don’t need. Hilarious.

Special thanks to Spirits on Bourbon for once again, hosting all of us. Those burgers were delicious. What a great day.

We are the 16-time champions. Now, that is great. Here are more pictures. Enjoy!

The Best In The Smoker’s World: The Tobacco Store Re-Imagined

In this six-minute video, we send a message to our customers on what we do and what separates us from our competition. Enjoy.

***Credit to Vince for ideas on what to put in this video. Unlike our competition down the street, when we use someone else’s work, we cite our sources and don’t claim it’s ours.***

Here are lab results of our Kratom and CBD herbs that are 100% pure, contain no chemicals, bacteria or synthetic materials.

Lab report showing our CBD Herb Extract contains no THC, mold or any foreign matter (synthetic)

With recent news of synthetic marijuana making the rounds after years of being non-existent, we wanted to assure our customers that what we sell is NOT synthetic marijuana. Our CBD Herb Extract derives from the actual marijuana plant and contains no Delta THC (the psychoactive component). For three years, we have sold CBD products that are pure hemp.

In addition, more false reports of Kratom are being out out there courtesy of the Freaking Dumb Asses (FDA). Just like a lot of stories on the internet, this is another example of “fake news”. We want to tell each and every one of you to stop reading outlets on these products. Instead, go to the source. That’s us at this store. Not crap like CNN or NPR, who both have posted false stories on Kratom recently.

Unlike our competition in the area, our Kratom and CBD products are factory-sealed and brand name. Our proof is in this posting for all of you to see with our lab reports. We carry 100% pure Kratom and CBD products. That’s how it’s been for all of these years. Stop in and see for yourself. Live too far? We give free shipping to 46 states on Kratom and all 50 for Cannabinoid Oil. 815-991-5955.

Kratom lab report: No salmonella, mold or listeria

Buyer Beware: All plain-colored 18650 vaporizer batteries sold by local and online markets are knock-offs.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Sony? Samsung? LG?

Fact: None of those companies make 18650 batteries. Their logos are not on these batteries either. Check any of those websites and see for yourself if they even sell those batteries or not. We’ve been telling customers this for years. We have had several come in and tell us that the batteries they bought online or at local stores ended up frying their mods, causing them to not turn on at all. Some of them in the part where the batteries go were completely burnt out.

Fact: Our Conflict and Wulf-Mod 18650 Batteries are brand-name.

We only sell authentic, brand-name batteries. Our prices are very competitive with these types. Some people may come in and not know of the brand we sell and that’s fine. But one thing we can tell our customers is this: We don’t sell garbage here. If you do want garbage, however, there is an impostor store about a mile down the road that sells plenty of it. I am sure he’ll even throw it into a Hefty bag for you. Or as we learned a few weeks back, it’s a Ziploc bag.

For authentic brand-name batteries, we’ll see you here.