Monthly Archives: January 2020

O.P.M.S Gold is one of the top extract Kratom products in the Nation.

O.P.M.S. Gold. We have it in packs of two and five in capsules and in 8.8 ml tincture bottles. We started carrying this brand back in 2016 and the feedback was great from the start.

We carry four different brands of Kratom and have the largest selection of the best quality in Illinois. Come in and see us to try some out to see what suits you the most.

We send a great amount of appreciation to many in Houston this past weekend for their hospitality.

With over 40,000 people expecting a four-store elimination match to see which tobacco store is champion of DeKalb County, three of those competitors didn’t show up. Which one did? If you guessed Best In The Smoker’s World, you are correct.

We have a few places to thank in Houston for hosting a few of us who met up together for the weekend. Mia Bella Trattoria, Guadalajara Del Centro (amazing fajitas), McCormick and Schmick’s, House of Blues for their great burgers and III Forks Steakhouse. We appreciate all of you putting up with us. We will see you in the future.

Live from Houston: A special message to the local competitors who enjoy copying all my ideas.

Mr. Competitor down the street – CBD Monster (In another store down the street) – Wannabe boys on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb: I know you all are watching this. How else would you get all of these ideas for your store? Well, I have a special message for you three clowns and really, any other competitor who wants some of this. This is for you. Enjoy.

Roll your king size cigarettes faster with the Powermatic III machine!

Powermatic II is awesome. But the Powermatic III? Even better.

We are near the same price that even Amazon has this for. That should tell you how great our prices are. The retail is $299.99. We sell it for $249.99 and it’s worth every penny. We have plenty in stock after a long shortage. Check the video out and see for yourself how much quicker your cigarettes can be made.

For a cleaner bong, go with Piece Water.

Tired of rubbing alcohol and other solvents to clean your pipe? Well, now there is an easy solution that will take care of that mess before it even starts.

Piece Water. Yeah, it’s really that amazing. View the video in this post to see for yourself. Retail price on a 12 oz. bottle is $13.99. Our price? $10.99. That’s not a typo.

We are the only place selling Piece Water in DeKalb County. Well, that is until the village idiot down the street copies another idea from us (if he hasn’t already).

Try a bottle today.

DeKalb County’s first home for CBD products is right here.

(Click to enlarge.)

Before all of the gas stations, health stores and goofball competitors copied us, we were the only game in town for CBD. Now, as you know, it’s everywhere. What’s sad is that due to the garbage that’s being sold in the places I’ve mentioned, CBD hasn’t been getting the praise it deserves. Because of this, many became discouraged in trying new brands due to the ones they bought from our competition that have zero significant and positive effects. Roughly, 85% of the products on the market is garbage.

The other 15% is right here in our store.

Since 2015, we’ve provided CBD products. Lab-tested and brand-name. From the flower herb to tinctures and gummies all the way down to pet treats, it’s here. Stop in and see for yourself.

Marijuana is now legal in Illinois. Ditch the dispensaries for accessories and save money with us.

No. We are not a marijuana dispensary. However, whether it’s a bong, vape, papers or grinders, we have you covered. For almost 18 years, we have had all the accessories you’ve needed to smoke that herb.

We have a full stock of pipes along with dry and oil vapes with even more to be added in the next couple of weeks. We guarantee the lowest prices on all smoking accessories in DeKalb County.

Don’t let the dispensaries or our local competition rip you off. We’re here for you and are just a short drive away.