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Our 4th of July Sale – Sale on Cigars, Pipes, Vaporizers, Kratom and CBD (July 1-5)

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Cigars/Accessories: 10% off

Glass pipes: 10% off up to $50

Glass pipes: 15% above $50

Vaporizers: 10% off

Grinders: 10% off

Kratom/CBD: $2 off all quantities

Holy Kratom! $2 off all quantities and 20% off all CBD products until July 5th!

You read that right, folks. This is your time to capitalize on deals that are rarely offered. Customers, you have a limited time only to get these specials before they go away.

From now until July 5th, Kratom products are $2 off each unit. Any quantity, any kind (capsules, powder and liquid): It’s all $2 off.

CBD Edibles, capsules and E-Liquids are 20% off.

There is only one Best In The Smoker’s World. It’s at 1565 DeKalb Ave. in Sycamore. Want it shipped? 815-991-5955 is our number to make an order or if you have any questions.

Father’s Day Sale: June 17-19 (Sale on cigars, accessories and glass pipes)


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Customer: Are you a father?

Me: “Not that I’m aware of.”

Well, for the ones with dads, we have some specials this weekend. Do yourself a favor and stop buying your dads clothes, golf clubs or whatever else that is unoriginal. 

Believe me when I say, your dad isn’t going to remember a sweater you bought for him last year. But a year from now, he is going to continue to cherish the fact that you bought him a nice water pipe. And what better place than DeKalb County’s leader in tobacco and entertainment since 2002 to get these awesome gifts such as cigars and pipes?

We have added more cigars to our humidor, including the Acid Deep Dish and CAO Cameroon for the first time in three months. Our humidor is stacked to capacity.

All cigars: 10% off

Humidors: 20% off

Next up, all glass pipes are 10% off. That’s right. From Friday to Sunday, all glass pipes are 10% off.

We’ll see you here this weekend.

New Kratom products are here!


The job never ends here to continue being the best in DeKalb County. Along with our top-selling Kratom, comes newer products in different strains.

Red-Horn MayLay, Red Horn Maeng Da, Green Maylay and Green Maeng Da have added to our already hot Maeng Da and Bali Capsules. In addition, we have added Kratom Extract Space Cadet in both capsules and liquids. K-Shot is also in a liquid bottle. Click on the pictures below to enlarge. Capsules come in 20, 50 and 80 count capsules.

Next up is Kava Gold Capusles. It’s 99.9% pure and we have it here.

The only place to get these new Kratom products in DeKalb County is right here baby!

And as always, we give free shipping on all Kratom products. So if you can’t stop in, give us a call at 815-991-5955. We ship within one business day.


Bond…Hookah Bond.


New hookah tobacco is here at The Best In The Smoker’s World. This is Bond Magical Hookah Tobacco. Founded in Indianapolis, Bond is quickly emerging as a top hookah tobacco company in the United States. There are over 20 flavors to start and if this sells well, we will bring more in.

Just like our Starbuzz and Haze, 100 grams of Bond are only $9.99 a can. This is a great deal on Bond Hookah Tobacco. Starbuzz, Haze and now, Bond: A three-headed monster of hookah tobacco products that you can find right here, at Best In The Smoker’s World.

Get your summer started with us. Stop in and see us to see what’s new!

The owner of Best In The Smoker’s World goes on National television last week to tell all of his customers that they are awesome!

Screenshot_2016-06-05-11-17-26 (2)

You get a lighter. And you get a lighter! And you also get a lighter! I am like freakin’ Oprah over here!

14 years and still the number one tobacco store in the county. Here’s to another 14 years!

Sorry, competition. Regardless of what location we take our business to, we are here to stay. Now go cry in your crack pipes.