New Kratom products are here!


The job never ends here to continue being the best in DeKalb County. Along with our top-selling Kratom, comes newer products in different strains.

Red-Horn MayLay, Red Horn Maeng Da, Green Maylay and Green Maeng Da have added to our already hot Maeng Da and Bali Capsules. In addition, we have added Kratom Extract Space Cadet in both capsules and liquids. K-Shot is also in a liquid bottle. Click on the pictures below to enlarge. Capsules come in 20, 50 and 80 count capsules.

Next up is Kava Gold Capusles. It’s 99.9% pure and we have it here.

The only place to get these new Kratom products in DeKalb County is right here baby!

And as always, we give free shipping on all Kratom products. So if you can’t stop in, give us a call at 815-991-5955. We ship within one business day.



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