Letter From The Owner

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Dear loyal and future customers,

Thank you so much for your continued support. When I decided to continue this business at the new location in 2014, I truly believed it would not only continue to bring back our long-time customers, but attract new ones as well. It wasn’t an easy move after nearly 12 years in DeKalb, but it was a collective effort to make it work. I express a sincere amount of gratitude to my employees and friends who helped me put the new store together in such a short amount of time.

I was born in Spring Valley, raised in the tiny Northwest Illinois town of Lena and graduated high school at Rochelle Township in 2004. I continued my education at Kishwaukee Community College and Northern Illinois University where I studied Political Science. Growing up, I learned the ups and downs of owning a business. To this day, I am still learning.

Once again, thank you for the support. If it wasn’t for every one of you, this place doesn’t exist. For over 15 years, this has been indeed, The Best In The Smoker’s World. Here’s to 15 more. Let’s make it happen.


Muhammad Mustafa – Owner


6 responses to “Letter From The Owner

  1. hey man, saw your sign on Monday night Raw was curious and loved your products. unfortunately i live in Australia and am unable to purchase anything but at least now you know that your sign was seen around the world and people are interested

  2. One of the nicest people in this area. Any problems, any questions, any thoughts and this guy takes the times to fully explain from start finish. Doesn’t talk down or make the customer feel uneasy, just talks to you like an old friend/acquaintance. Big store, variety of items, has solid connections with his suppliers and all around good karma!

  3. Every time I come into this store, the young ladies working for him always treat my wife and I with respect. The place is always clean and it’s a comforting place to come to.

  4. This guy is a good dude. It’s the only store in the area that doesn’t feel like you’re in the ghetto. There is a lot of room to walk around with a great selection.

  5. Late for a bachelor party and needed cigars…he was about to close up shop and he let us stay an extra 10 min. so we can buy a bunch for the groom. A class act and seems to actually mean it when he tells you he appreciates the business unlike other places.

  6. The Steiner Recliner

    not a customer…but I would if I lived closer and smoked! I just know this is one of the superfans because I see him on TV sitting front row at a lot at the WWE shows. Met him at the Smackdown in Grand Rapids, Michigan and asked him how he affords front row seats all the time. Now, I can see how. I asked him for a picture and he said sure. A WRESTLING THEMED HEAD SHOP?? YES! YES! YES!

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