Roll Your Own

The Best In The Smoker’s World offers you the chance to save money on cigarettes with our roll-your-own brands. The average pack of cigarettes can be anywhere from $7.00-$9.00 these days. When you make your own cigarettes, the average price can anywhere between $1 and $3 a pack. The more you buy, the more you save. We have the tobacco, empty tubes and machines to get you started.

Please note that premium tobacco such as Premier, Drum, Bali Shag and American Spirit have different pricing. Average costs of these packs range from $2.75 up to $3.90.

Loose Tobacco:

OHM, Good Stuff, Golden Valley, Golden Harvest, Tin Star, Gambler, Cherokee, Premier, Drum, Bali Shag, American Spirit, Bugler and Kite.

Tubes (King size and 100’s):

Shargio, Gambler, Premier, Top, Gambler, Zig-Zag, Top and Laramie.

Stop in today to see what options are best for you.


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