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Halloween Sale: October 28th to November 1st

Don't just like us on Facebook. Love us.

Don’t just like us on Facebook. Love us.

***Special thanks to Broken Matthew for the inspiration and brilliance behind this video.***

Halloween is approaching. What better way to get ready for the festivities than coming to The Best In The Smoker’s World for the Halloween Sale?

This sale starts Friday, October 28th and runs until Tuesday, November 1st. Yes, you read that right. We’re giving you one extra day for this annual euphoria of sorts.

Don’t let the competition delete your money. Instead, DELETE them in return by saving with us. No matter what day you shop here, you save a ton of money. With our Halloween Sale, you will save even more.

10% off ALL pipes, grinders and vaporizers. We’ll see you here.


Kratom lives on for now; more in stock

As you can see in the article, The Skin Flute Orchestra (also known as the DEA) withdrew their intent to schedule Kratom. Instead, a public comment period running until December 1st is what they are doing.

This isn’t a victory for us yet. There is still work to do. Continue to call these turds and tell them to back off. Share your story with them.

Four shipments of Kratom have arrived all in the last week. We have plenty in stock. See you here!

More cigars. More cigars. And more cigars.


A while back, someone submitted a question on our website asking if our business was a franchise. My reply was: “If by franchise, you mean, star player on a team? Then, yes. All of us working here are franchise players.”

Well, the products we sell are the main reason for that. Look at our import cigars. We have the best selection in town with humidors to store them in. And now, we have added new cigars as well as some familiar ones that we carried at our previous location. Helix and Ashton are our old friends making a return after a three-year hiatus. Macanudo Inspirado is the new addition to the franchise.

More gift packages are here with the Rocky Patel Edge Series, Partagas and Punch Starting Lineups. Click on the picture above to enlarge. The weather is still decent outside. A cigar is ideal. Stop in today.

The State of Kratom (More Kratom in stock 10/07)

Don't just like us on Facebook. Love us.

Don’t just like us on Facebook. Love us.

As we all have been witnessing over the last month, our Congressman have been listening to our collective voices. The obsolete mules, also known as the DEA, have had a lot of pressure on them to not ban Kratom. It seems to have worked for now. On Friday, September 30th, the obsolete mules were ready to make Kratom a Schedule I substance. Over 50 congressman submitted a letter to these drug warriors fighting in the name of Ronald Reagan to not make it illegal. It seems as if these cat turds actually did something good for a change.

So, here we are. It is being estimated that if there is a ban, it will go into effect next month or maybe at the end of the calendar year. What does this mean? Simple: More Kratom is coming to The Best In The Smoker’s World by Friday, October 7th.

A very limited amount of Kratom will be in. We will not hold any to the side. It’s the same as it was in September. We will not ship Kratom either. It’s first come, first serve and you must come into the store to purchase it. We will continue to do this until there is a word from the government.

Our fight isn’t done yet, ladies and gentleman. We must keep the pedal to the metal and stop these dog farts at the DEA once and for all. Kratom is not a drug. It’s a plant that has saved lives. The DEA and Big Pharma have sore anuses because customers like yourself reading this no longer buy their garbage prescription medicine. It’s the same with marijuana.

Call our senators and congressman. Call the obsolete mules at the DEA who were born in dumpsters behind dog food buildings. If you do call the DEA, please do not be rude to them. For all we know, they will probably take it as a threat and show up at your doorstep within seconds of calling. Trust me, they have a history of harassing and scamming law abiding citizens. They can do whatever they want when they want, regardless of whether your actions were legal or not. They are a shoot first, ask questions later type of of agency.

Here is a link to all of those contacts:

Please understand that our congressman and senators are NOT the enemies. They are the ones helping us save Kratom. When you call them, please be nice to whomever is on the line. Refer to the link above for more information.

Let’s show those genital warts at the DEA that we aren’t going to put up with their crap anymore. And now, with our congressman and senators fighting with us, the DEA shall fade away and classify themselves as obsolete (OBSOLETE!).

It’s clobberin’ time.


***We are giving away a free glass pipe every week in October.***


For some of you long-time customers going back to the old location in DeKalb, we often did raffles and giveaways to show thanks to all of you. Well, we’re doing it again and often from here on out.

All October, buy any glass hand pipe above $25 and be entered to win another selected hand pipe valued between $10 and $25. Pipes are selected randomly. Weekly drawings will be done every Friday with an additional drawing on Halloween. Don’t win the first week? Your ticket stays in the bin for another chance. Of course, only one winner per entry. We’re trying to give other people chances to win.

Raffles for select pipes and vaporizers will also be given during this period. $2 enters you into a random drawing for select items.

Winners will be notified by phone and when they can pick up their free glass pipe.

Good luck to everybody and we’ll see all of you here in October!