Kratom-CBD Central: RE-LOADED

Kratom is an all-natural plant that’s been around for thousands of years. It has helped many with pain and anxiety as well as giving energy. For those who no longer want to take prescription medications for certain conditions, Kratom has been the answer.

If you’ve been in the store lately, you’ll see that more types of Kratom have been added. New brands are here including Chameleon Kratom. In two different strains, Chameleon is a blend of different types of Kratom giving you the ultimate satisfaction you need to live a healthy and productive life.

Visit this link on our website for more information:

On the CBD side of things, more candies and tinctures are here. The showcase has been stocked to near capacity.

Why are we better than the competition and online? Because not only do we have the best value on brand-name Kratom and CBD, but the products are right there in front of you to see. Going online risks getting low-grade products and possibly for more money.

Kratom-CBD Central is part of Best In The Smoker’s World. We’ve sold Kratom for years and there is a reason it’s still here. We offer free shipping to most states for Kratom and all 50 for CBD. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 or stop in and see us at 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore, Illinois.

The 4th of July sale is here! (June 30th – July 4th)

It’s here. Finally. Since the holiday falls on a weekday, I am going to do what is best for business by giving an extra day or two of deals. So here we are. This sale starts Friday, June 30th and runs until Tuesday, July 4th. We are only going to be open from 9:00 to 3:00 on the 4th, so I suggest you come in early and stock up. Afterwards, I am heading out to eat burgers and lighting off fireworks that are totally not illegal in the state of Illinois.

For the week, sales will be going on with Kratom, CBD, pipes, grinders and vaporizers.

1565 DeKalb Ave. in Sycamore, Illinois is the place where this sale is happening. Details are below. See you soon!

Pipes above $25: 10% off

Water pipes above $50: 10% off

Grinders above $10: 15% off

Vaporizers/Box Mods: 10% off

Kratom and CBD: $1 off all quantities

The Martian Blunt Bubbler. The original blunt bubbler!

Well, just take a look at this. For the last few weeks, people around DeKalb County have been talking about this thing since I brought this awesome product into the store. It’s a bubbler for your blunt and the rips are endless.

The Martian Blunt Bubbler goes for $25.99. However, since I am The King of Kings, I have a special deal. Mention reading this article and you will get it for $20. That’s what we do here. We take care of our customers and save them money.

Best In the Smoker’s World at 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C (Route 23) in Sycamore is the only place in DeKalb County to get the Martian Blunt Bubbler. Well, once again, we are the only place carrying this until Doofus down the street steals yet, another one of my ideas (if he hasn’t already). Even though he was rendered obsolete in Orlando two months ago, Doofus is still trying to make himself relevant by copying more of my ideas. I just wonder if he is going to continue to send texts to salespeople complaining about us selling stuff cheaper than anywhere else? We shall see!

Come see why customers go from the competition and online to Best In The Smoker’s World for Kratom-CBD Central!

Kratom Central at Best In The Smoker’s World is now Kratom and CBD Central. For the last two years, we have been going at full speed with both Kratom and CBD Products. All of the necessary components are in place to continue being the best in selection and quality. We stay ahead of the game when it comes to imitators such as our local competiton and online markets. We also have some Kratom-alternative products that are all-natural. For CBD, we have products for both humans and pets.

We have had people drive to us from the city, Quad Cities, Central Illinois for our Kratom and CBD products as well as shipping to folks in other states. It’s been amazing. We do free shipping for Kratom to most states and all 50 for Kratom-alternative products and CBD. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make your order today or stop in and see us at 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore, Illinois.

Kratom strains: Maeng Da, Bali, White Vein, Borneo and Malay – Many of those strains have alternative options such as Red Maeng Da, Green and Red Malay.

Kratom-alternatives: Kava and Lotus

CBD products: CBD Dabs, E-Liquids, Edible Peanut Butter/Honey/Gummies/Lollipops, oral spray, hand and body lotion

CBD products for pets: Oral spray, chicken/salmon treats, bacon biscuits for dogs

Father’s Day is today. Look no further than to us for gifts! Open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A cigar? Humidor? Glass pipe? Whatever it is, we have it here at Best In The Smoker’s World to show dad you love him.

For your dad or husband (with kids that he’s aware of), we have a full stock of cigars, accessories, pipes and vaporizers ready to go for him.

As it goes for every Father’s Day, gift packs and other specials on cigars have been ordered. More humidors and accessories are arriving as well.

Kids, I am serious about this. If you don’t get your dad a gift from us for his special day, good luck when you need a favor from him like a loan or help on your house. For you folks still living at home, he’s going to throw you out on your ass all because you didn’t shop here for him. So, do the right thing and come see us. Take it from me, The King of Kings. It’s what’s best for you.

How excited am I for the Memorial Day Sale? See below.

On worldwide television this past Saturday night, some of you may have spotted me in the front row jumping up and down like I was 15 again. Well, that’s because the Memorial Day Sale is getting me all pumped up and I couldn’t help myself.

This sale starts Friday, May 26th and runs until Memorial Day Monday, May 29th. Store hours for Memorial Day are 9:00 to 5:00.

More cigars are in stock this week.

We’ll see you this weekend! Details are below.

Memorial Day Sale Details:

Cigars/Personal Humidors: 10% off

Pipes up to $30: 10% off

Pipes $30-$50: 15% off

Pipes above $50: 20% off

Water pipes up to $50: 10% off

Water pipes $50-$100: 15% off

Water pipes above $100: 20% off

All grinders and hitter boxes: 10% off

All vaporizers: 10% off


NIU Students: Keep your stress levels low during Finals Week by stopping in for a glass pipe to smoke up!

It’s the last week of school for you students and before heading home for the summer, make sure to check out some of our specials this week.

Getting stressed out because of finals? I know what it’s like. I was a student at NIU many years ago. Students, we’ve been your choice for all things tobacco for the last 15 years.

Show your NIU I.D. to get 10% off any glass pipe or vaporizer. For you folks who live in C(r)ook County, don’t get ripped off by paying $10 for a pack of cigarettes. We are the lowest in DeKalb County on all cigarettes, so feel free to stock up.

And as always, we have plenty of vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories.

Best In The Smoker’s World is the name and 1565 DeKalb Ave. in Sycamore is the place to be!