From John Hopkins University | “Kratom has relatively low potential for harm or abuse.”

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Since 2009, we have helped many customers who wanted to try natural remedies such as Kratom. In this post is a survey from nearly 2,800 people on what they used this natural plant for.

All of our Kratom is lab-tested and factory-sealed to ensure purity and effectiveness. For anyone who may want to try a natural path to a better quality of life, stop in to see your options.

Our Memorial Day Sale begins Friday, May 26th!

It’s the start of Summer. And as it goes every year, we kick it off with a sale on all of your favorites. We are open normal hours on Memorial Day as well.

This is your home for the reigning and defending DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions. We will see you here.

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We are DeKalb County’s first home for Delta-THC products!

Whether it’s flower, a vape or edibles, we have it all for you. Some stores carry so many products, that it becomes overwhelming to even the average customer. We are a strong believer in “quality over quantity” and therefore, carry only the best products on the market. We keep it simple.

One of the reasons why customers prefer Delta-THC is because it provides all the benefits without the side effects such as paranoia or anxiety. And you don’t have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest dispensary either. Whether you live in DeKalb or even Hinckley, we can save you time and money.

Stop by to see our entire selection today.

Hey, Detroit. The Best In The Smoker’s World is in your city!

For the first time in 16 years, Detroit felt the presence of The DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions. And in August, another trip to The Motor City is in the works. Can’t stop us. Won’t stop us.

Des Moines and Chicago in June. The Tour of 2023 continues!

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation by getting her high.

This sale goes for three days starting Friday, May 12th. The best place to get her a gift is right here.

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The cost of our salt vape juice has remained the same for the last three years.

Because of the support from all of you these last few years, we have been able to sustain inflation with many of our products in the store. Since the start of 2020, we have not raised the prices of our vape salt juice. $16.99 remains the price on all of them and that will not change anytime soon.

Stop in today to see what suits you best!

Us vs. The Internet

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Competition is all over the place. So many restaurants, streaming services and podcasts to choose from. It’s overwhelming. When it comes to our industry, it’s no different. Aside from the 7,435 tobacco stores in DeKalb County that we tolerate, the internet is our biggest competitor.

But we are here to show you why choosing Best In The Smoker’s World is supreme to the internet. Whether it’s vapes, CBD, Delta or Kratom, we have it for you and are in your neighborhood. Check the benefits in this chart and see for yourself.

For over 21 years, we have been here when you needed us the most.

The Best Seats In The Sold Out House!

The good ol’ Rosemont Horizon. Home to many memories and there was The King Of Kings, at it again this past Monday Night.

This is dedicated to the two obsolete mules in Wisconsin that are probably reading this right now. The Best In The Smoker’s World is continuing to thrive despite both of you telling everyone nine years ago that I wouldn’t last three months. Do you know how much these tickets cost? Nothing further to add on that front.

Detroit in May. Des Moines and Downtown Chicago in June. Keep your eyes on the TV.

We have added two new vape brands to your selection!

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Say hello to the Breeze. This vape is more compact and easier to carry around. And at $14.99, the value is right on the spot. Next up is one that many asked us about. From the company that brought you Elf Bar, the Lost Mary has been introduced with a variety of flavors.

Stop in to check them all out!

The 420 Sale runs until Earth Day, April 22nd. How appropriate?

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It’s the best holiday of the year. Smoke a bowl with us and enjoy the festivities beginning Thursday, April 20th. And if you’re too high to leave the house, don’t worry. We have two extra days of savings that go through Saturday, April 22nd.

We are on The Island Of Relevancy and you are all invited to join us.