The trio of Smok products for salt nicotine

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Nord – Novo – Infinix: Get it here.

If we didn’t have the lowest prices in DeKalb County on all of our vaporizers and e-liquids, why would we guarantee it? Go ahead and check out our local competition for proof. If they tell you they will match our price, that’s all you need to know about us being cheaper to begin with. Over 17 years, we’ve seen this story too many times.

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If this floor rug isn’t greeting you when you walk into a store, then you are in the wrong place.


Relationship on the rocks? A gift from us with the Valentine’s Day Sale will save it.

Don’t be foolish this year with Valentine’s Day by being generic. Flowers and chocolate isn’t the answer. Bongs and vaporizers are. Save money and most importantly, your relationship with a gift from us. View the video and get the details in this post. You have four days to do this. Don’t wait. Time is of the essence.

February 11th-14th:

Pipes above $30: 14% off

Vaporizers above $35: 14% off

Cigars (min. 5): 14% off

In addition, 14% off all candles, sprays, hitter boxes and grinders!

An infinite amount of appreciation goes out to the fine folks in Phoenix for their hospitality this past weekend.

Keep your eyes on the TV. You just never know who may pop up on it.

What a great five days. Many thanks to the The Attic, The Park Restaurant, Majerle’s and Hard Rock Cafe for hosting us those days.

As expected, no local competitor answered the open challenge in front of 45,000 fans at Chase Field in Phoenix Sunday Night. This means that we are now, the 17-time DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions. These celebrations never get old. Will the owners of competing stores stop lying to their customers about being the best after they refused to show up for the open challenge?

Spoiler alert: They won’t. Instead, they will continue to look like the obsolete mules that they are.

Here are some more pictures. Enjoy.

We have a new lab report showing our Kratom is pure with no chemicals or bacteria.

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How many of our local and online competitors post lab reports voluntarily on their websites? How about if a customer requested one from them? Go ahead. We’ll wait.

In the meantime, we have another updated lab report for you.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not our Kratom is the real deal. Since 2009, we’ve sold only brand-name Kratom that is factory-sealed and effective. Did I just type factory-sealed? Yes, I did. That’s because some of our local competitors like to scoop out the Kratom they sell and put it in a Ziploc bag for you while writing the strain on the bag with a magic marker. You can’t make this up.

Make the right choice. Don’t risk the local and online vendors for Kratom. You know what you’re getting from us. Factory-sealed capsules and bulk powder are available. Come in or call us to have it shipped. 815-991-5955.

Smok Novo – $28.99

Don’t let the area competitors rip you off on Smok Novo kits and pods. $28.99 is what you pay for a starter kit. That’s at least $8 cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County. Pods? A three-pack is only $9.99. Don’t want to pay more money for products like the Smok Novo? Then stop wasting your time and money at the competition and come here. Your bank account will thank you later.

We send a sincere amount of gratitude to DeKalb’s Daily Chronicle for featuring us in an article this past weekend.

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“Best In The Smoker’s World owner Muhammad Mustafa talks Thursday at his shop in Sycamore, about some of the vaping products he sells and his strict policy of carding to make sure customers are 18 and older. Statistics show that the numbers of school-aged children who have tried vaping are on the rise.”