Tired of buying knock-off vaporizers and house-made e-juice from our competition? We have a simple solution for that: Stop going there.

All vaporizers we sell come with warranties. That’s what you get when you buy brand-name and AUTHENTIC from us. Our competition cannot say the same. And our e-liquids? Brand-name as well. Check out the video for more.


We want to send a special thanks to DeKalb’s Daily Chronicle for featuring our business in their newspaper this past week.

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“Best In The Smoker’s World Owner Muhammad Mustafa talks Monday at his shop in Sycamore, about cannabidiol products he sells at his shop, including the CBD oil he is holding.”

For a dog with pain and/or anxiety, our CBD Pet Treats can be the answer!


Since November of 2016, I’ve invested a great deal of resources into products that help pets with pain, anxiety and seizures. It’s paid off as many have spread the word about our products. With all of the fireworks this past Fourth of July, we know owners were very happy giving their friends these treats to keep them calm during the festivities.

Thunderstorms? Separation anxiety? Our treats could calm your dog down in these scenarios. All of our products are veterinarian-approved and are made of non-toxic cannabinoids. 

Pet treats we have include: Chicken, Salmon, Peanut Butter and Bacon Biscuits. In addition, oil tinctures that can be easily ingested are available.

All of this is just another reason why we are DeKalb County’s Leader then, now and forever. If you live outside our area and can’t make it in our store, feel free to call us. We ship for free. 815-991-5955.

Our annual 4th of July begins Friday, June 29th.

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Independence Day is around the corner. Don’t get your barbecue started without seeing us first. We have plenty of pipes, herbs and vaporizers. Don’t forget, we have two humidors full of cigars as well.

We’re giving you five full days beginning June 29th to get in on what we have to offer. Don’t be mad at us if you miss out. That’s not our fault.

See you all then.

Customers of ours in Tennessee: You can now have Kratom shipped to you from us!

This is huge news. For those from Tennessee who have came in our store the last couple of years while on the road, Kratom can now be shipped to you.


There was confusion to the law as it claimed that “synthetic” forms of Kratom were illegal. Our lawyers here advised us to not mail orders to Tennessee until there was reform. Now, everything is clear. And of course, all our Kratom is all-natural and lab-tested. We also have lab reports upon request from any of our four brands. Our competitors can’t say that.

So if you are in Tennessee and want Kratom shipped to you, give us a call at 815-991-5955. Bulk quantities are available!

Special thanks to a man named Ethan for the insight in the front row this past weekend!

What an amazing show. And we have the gif for all of you to enjoy. Click to enlarge.

More Special Blue Candles are back in stock!

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Available in 12 different scents, Special Blue by Smoke Odor Eliminator have been deemed “fantastic” by customers who have purchased them. For those who don’t enjoy the burn of incense sticks (like myself), we have plenty of Smoke Odor Candles and Sprays available on two different display shelves when you walk in.

We are the original official retailer of Smoke Odor Candles and Sprays in DeKalb County as we started carrying these products in 2011. Stop by soon to check them out.