The Memorial Day Sale is on the way! (May 25th-28th)

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Another Kratom success story: More proof that this beautiful plant grown in Southeast Asia may help others struggling with pain, depression or anxiety.

The woman in this video has been echoing what we have been saying about Kratom for the last eight years. We carry the largest selection of the BEST Kratom in the state of Illinois. All of our Kratom is brand-name and lab-tested.

We’re here for you and we ship to 46 states. Give us a call today: 815-991-5955 or stop in and see us.

NIU Students: Stressed out for finals? Get a pipe and CBD Herb from us to help you relax!

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It’s the final week for you kids at NIU. If you are leaving town for a few weeks, don’t do so without seeing us first.

We are fully stocked with CBD Herb and glass pipes. CBD gives you everything you need to keep calm during these tests without the pyschoactive components or side effects of marijuana. Our CBD Herb is 100% pure industrial hemp and contains no Delta THC. If smoking isn’t your thing, we have plenty of gummies, tinctures and water to get you by.

Until May 13th, show your school I.D. to us and receive 10% off any glass pipe. We’ll see you here!

Illinois is one step closer to taking away yet, another freedom from you by raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. Let’s stop them now.


Over the 16 years in business, I’ve done whatever I could to refrain from political opinions. But please, permit me this one exception.

If an 18 year-old can sign up for the military, they should be able to choose whether or not to smoke or vape. That’s a fact. People in this country can have a choice to make their own decisions. Not have the government do it for them. Now, the state is trying to change a decades-old law by raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.

In 2009, the federal government decided to raise taxes on tobacco by an insulting 156%. That took a good chunk out of businesses such as mine and started increasing the trend of cheaper options such as roll-your-own and e-cigarettes. 

In 2012, the scumbag governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, thought it was cute to do the same for the state alone by raising it $1 a pack and 18% on all loose tobacco and cigars. Apparently, the whole “we need money” thing hasn’t worked out very well as Illinois has the fourth largest tobacco tax in the country. In ten years, the average pack of cigarettes has doubled. I still make the same amount of money on a pack of cigarettes as I did in 2002. The difference is that the pack of cigarettes cost about $5 more. Helping vote this crud out of office in 2014 was very euphoric.

This is not a Democrat/Republican-Liberal/Conservative issue. Nobody wins in this case. And if Illinois passes this bill to raise the legal smoking age, they are going to be losing way more money. And so will businesses such as mine. There are plenty of reports out there of citizens fleeing this state because of the corruption and costs. This is one reason why. And we all know that taxes will get raised again.

I know, this is the state of Illinois after all. The same state that sent four out of six governors to prison. It’s scumbags lining their pockets off of us. It’s time we stop them from making choices for us. If you are reading this, this concerns you. Let’s stop them in their tracks.

Come celebrate the festivities with us this weekend! (April 27-29)

With the weather *supposedly* being nice this weekend, feel free to get things going in style with us. Our humidors have been re-stocked with plenty of cigars, including the new “Acid Nasty”. We now carry ten different types of Acid Cigars. Also, there is a sports entertainment event being aired Friday morning from a huge stadium overseas. Below is what we have for deals and everyday is different. You must mention this posting to get the deals. That’s the rule, folks!

Friday – The show begins at 11:00 a.m. and we will have it on the TV at the store for the fans to see. All cigars will be 10% off.

Saturday – $2 off any Kratom or CBD product. Unlimited quantities.

Sunday – Get $5 off any vaporizer kit and $2 off all e-liquid bottles.

We’ll see you here!

Message to our local competitors: If you continue to steal our slogans, words and pictures from our website, your cease and desist letters for copyright infringement will be arriving shortly to you.

In the last few weeks, I was briefed on a certain competitor who’s been copying everything we’ve done for the last few years, at it again. On one of his online store pages, our slogan of “DeKalb County’s Leader” was copied and pasted.

List of our slogans being used on this website include, but are not limited to the following:

“The Tobacco Store Re-Imagined” – “DeKalb County’s Leader” – “#1 In DeKalb County For Tobacco” – “Kratom-CBD Central” – “Largest Selection of Kratom and CBD Products”

Any of our words, slogans and pictures on this website is property of this store and it’s owner. Our website and business has been trademarked since 2011. Any business that uses our words, slogans or pictures on their websites, social media or Google/Yelp pages without asking for permission has violated intellectual property rights by committing copyright infringement.

So, to our competition out there in DeKalb County: This is your cease and desist warning. Ignore this warning? Cease and desist letters will be mailed to you. Ignore this one? I make one call and you can snort your store goodbye. It was cute seeing you crackheads copy us years ago. I will no longer let you profit off of my hard work.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Owning the number one tobacco store in DeKalb County for the last 16 years.

Special thanks to the Northern Star for featuring us in their newspaper for the 4-20 Sale!