Elf Bars | 5000 Puffs | $19.99

This is one of the best deals for a brand-name disposable vape. Elf Bars are easy to carry around. And that price of $19.99 cannot be outdone. We guarantee the lowest prices on all disposable vapes in DeKalb County.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Long time, no see.

It had been five years and we missed this wonderful city dearly. It was a great show. The two obsolete mules in Wisconsin must be losing their minds seeing the success of this business. How sweet it is!

Special thanks to Barrio Tacos downtown for the delicious food after the show. We had a great time. The 20-time DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions will see you in the future.

Between now and August 20th: Buy a Wulf Next Vaporizer, get one free gram of Delta 8 Flower

The Wulf Next is one of our top dry herb vaporizers. And now, we’re giving you a free gift if you purchase one within the next two weeks.

While supplies last, if you buy a Wulf Next, you get one free gram of Delta 8 Flower. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Buy the vape, get a free gram of amazing flower!

Offer expires August 20th.

Welcome to August.

If you can believe it, we’re in the final month of Summer. We need to slow it down a bit. What better way to slow down time than to get high? We have plenty of bongs and vapes to get you started. Or if you already have that, we have plenty of Delta THC flower.

For the last two years, we have carried the top Delta THC products on the market at the best prices in the area. Save time and money by coming in to see us.

Tired of the rising costs of cigarettes? Roll your own.

This is a harsh reality. Cigarettes are going to keep going up at a ridiculous pace and we cannot stop that. Cartons are either nearing or over $100 thanks to the three major cigarette companies making excuses to become more greedy. And it has become worse the last two years.

But what remains very cheap is when you make your own cigarettes. How does $15 a carton sound? Much better than $100. Since Day One over 20 years ago, we have helped customers save on cigarettes.

We have the machines, tobacco, tubes and cases all for you at the guaranteed lowest prices in DeKalb County. Stop by and save today.

All salt e-liquids | $16.99

We can’t do anything about the price of gas. But, we can guarantee the lowest prices on all of our vape e-liquids in the entire county.

All salt e-liquids are indeed, $16.99 and not a penny more. Our competitors? They’re charging a minimum of $20. And that time you spend going there will waste more gas (and more importantly, time). So save time and money by coming here.

4th of July Sale details

From July 1st until the 5th, deals are all over the store. We are open on the 4th from 9:00-5:00. Click on the ad in this post to get all the details. We will see you here.

Four cities in 21 days has been completed.

Competing stores from outside DeKalb County were offered to step through The Forbidden Door this past Sunday to challenge Best In The Smoker’s World for The DeKalb County Tobacco Store Championship in front of over 15,000 fans. Not one answered the call. That means all four stops on the tour were a success with the last being in The House That Jordan Built.

I could thank many and rightfully so. But I want to thank one person in particular. That is Mr. Competitor Down The Street. If it wasn’t for him chasing a bunch of customers out of his Sooper Dooper Pooper Store in all of the years, these front row premium seats at every show aren’t possible. Consistently winning championships isn’t possible without him. I need him to stay in business. It’s motivation and desire to stay hungry.

Best In The Smoker’s World: Fall in line. Acknowledge us.

We give free shipping on Kratom orders.

Since 2009, we have had Kratom in our store. And now more than ever, Kratom is in-demand. But it’s all about the quality.

Our Kratom is lab-tested, factory-sealed and affordable. Sure, some can be found cheaper online. But let us remind you: less cost online doesn’t mean it’s better. “Cheap stuff isn’t good and good stuff isn’t cheap.”

If you live too far away to stop in to see what you need, you can call us to make an order. We do require minimum orders of at least 100 grams to get free shipping. Anything less is a flat $9 fee. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today.

Defending the title in style in Milwaukee.

The stats show it all. When promoting The Best In The Smoker’s World on National Television, business goes up. It’s simple. We are no match for the competitors in DeKalb County and we show it with every appearance for the entire Nation to see.

Next up, we will allow a competitor from outside of DeKalb County to challenge us next for the title. Who wants to walk through The Forbidden Door?