A limited amount of Cubs World Series Zippo Lighters are back in stock! (Free shipping available)


We apologize to some who were left out the last couple of weeks. This shipment is our final one on World Series Champion Cubs Zippo Lighters. They are first come, first serve. We will not hold any for you.

Free shipping is available while supplies last. Give us a call at 815-991-5955.

The Tsunami Family of products



Since 2013, we have carried Tsunami products in our store. At the start, we were just carrying vaporizers and e-liquids. Located in Michigan, this company has expanded big time with a variety of accessories that you can find here at our store.

We want to send a shout out to Jason and the rest of our folks at Tsunami. He helps out very much by giving us deals. That, in turn, allows us to sell these products much cheaper than anywhere else. Whenever there has been an issue with something, they have taken care of us. The Tsunami High Wave Water Wax Vaporizer retails for $90 and we have it for $69.99. The Tsunami Eruption, which is for wax, dry and e-liquids, retails for over $110. We sell it for $89.99.

Along with these awesome vaporizers for e-liquid, dry and wax, Tsunami now has grinders and water pipes. Water pipes vary in price. Next, these are brand-name grinders being sold for much cheaper than Sharpstone or Diamond Grind. Those grinders, while awesome, can run you $30 or more for a large sized one. The cost for a Tsunami Grinder from us? $20. Nope. That’s not a typo. $20 gets you an awesome, heavy-duty and long-lasting grinder.

Tsunami is one of the few trusted names in the vaporizer market by giving lifetime warranties on most products. We are proud to say that Tsunami is here at The Best In The Smoker’s World. Stop in to see these products today!

“Coming Soon” no more! Camel Turkish returns with a new look.


Turkish Royal – Turkish Gold – Turkish Silver – Turkish Jade

The Fantastic Four of Camel cigarettes is just another mainstay in a long list for our store over these years. With the guaranteed lowest price, we are your place for the Camel Turkish Line. Camel has re-branded this line and brought back Turkish Jade after many years of being on hiatus.

We have plenty of these Camel brands in stock. Stop in and get your pack or carton today!

We are Kratom and CBD Central in the state of Illinois.

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Kratom Central at Best In The Smoker’s World is now Kratom and CBD Central. For the last two years, we have been going at full speed with both Kratom and CBD Products. All of the necessary components are in place to continue being the best in selection and quality. We stay ahead of the game when it comes to imitators such as our local competiton and online markets. We also have some Kratom-alternative products that are all-natural. For CBD, we have products for both humans and pets.

We have had people drive to us from the city, Quad Cities, Central Illinois for our Kratom and CBD products as well as shipping to folks in other states. It’s been amazing. We do free shipping for Kratom to most states and all 50 for Kratom-alternative products and CBD. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make your order today or stop in and see us at 1565 DeKalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore, Illinois.

Kratom strains: Maeng Da, Bali, White Vein, Borneo and Malay – Many of those strains have alternative options such as Red Maeng Da, Green and Red Malay.

Kratom-alternatives: Kava, Akuamma and Lotus

CBD products: CBD Dabs, E-Liquids, Edible Peanut Butter/Honey/Gummies, oral spray, hand and body lotion

CBD products for pets: Oral spray, chicken/salmon treats, bacon biscuits for dogs

We wish all of our customers a Happy New Year. We will be closed from January 1-3 for a break and re-open January 4th.



First, we want to thank everyone for yet, another successful year at our business. This coming February will mark 15 years being in DeKalb County. Last I checked, that’s a very long time. Insane.

My employees and I have worked very hard over these last couple of months. It’s been fun, but exhausting. I will admit that this burned us out a bit. Therefore, I have decided to give everyone here as well as myself three days off to recharge our batteries. That will start Sunday, January 1st to Tuesday, January 3rd. We will start our new year on Wednesday, January 4th with our normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

Once again, thank you to all for your support. If you ask me, I would say 2017 will be TOO SWEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!!!!


Santa has his Naughty and Nice List out for DeKalb County. Which part are you on?

Here is the list you’ve all been waiting for. I had a very vivid premonition that everyone on the ‘naughty’ list will get coal in their stockings.


It’s time for the Annual Holiday Sale. And it’s our biggest sale ever. Your quest for gifts begins and ends with us. (December 17th – 31st)

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Hello everyone. Fro Dog Clause is here. It’s the biggest sale of the year. This isn’t just any ordinary Holiday Sale like we’ve had in the past. Now, we’re putting this year’s sale into overdrive. The largest sale we have ever had is this one. More money will be taken off on items that make great Christmas gifts. Details are below.

Free shipping to all on these products. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to order today! This sale ends December 31st.

So, without further ado, let’s get it on!

Hand Pipes:

Up to $20: 10% off

$20-$35: 15% off

$35-$65: 20% off

$65 and up: 25% off

Water Pipes:

Up to $50: 10% off

$50-$100: 15% off

$100-$150: 20% off

$150 and up: 25% off

Grinders/Hitter boxes: 10% off

Vaporizers/Box Mods: 10% off

E-Juice Bottles:

15 MG : $2 off

30-60 MG: $3 off

Above 60 MG: $4 off

Cigars: 10% off

Cigar humidors/gift packs: 15% off

Hookahs: 10% off

Starbuzz/Haze/Bond Hookah Tobacco 100 Grams: $9.99

Kratom-CBD Central:

Kratom 70-75 Count (37.5-42 grams):  $24.99-$33.99

CBD E-Liquids: 10% off

CBD Gummy Bears, Jolly Rancher, Nerd Candies: $3 off per package

CBD Peanut Butter, Oral spray (for humans and pets), pet treats and skin lotion: 10% off