Here is our updated Kratom lab report. (Tested September 30th)

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We will keep it simple here. We post these results every quarter due to our local competition selling garbage and ineffective Kratom. They also have yet to show their lab results after we’ve been calling them out for years to do so. Instead, they are busy posting memes on their websites and copying our product ideas (hence, why we watermarked this picture). These results, as it is every time, shows no metals, bacteria or synthetic materials.

So if you want Kratom that is thrown into a sandwich bag by a crackhead, go to our local competition. For the largest and best selection of Kratom in the state of Illinois from people who actually wash their hands after using the bathroom, come see us. Free shipping is available if you are out of the area with the exception of a few states.

We’re giving away a free pipe every Sunday in October!

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Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve had a raffle. Four years to be exact. But, here we are again. How about a pipe or dugout every week? It can be yours. The grand prize is a custom apple pipe made by our friends at Chameleon Glass in Phoenix. This retails at $99.99 and it can be yours. We have been an authorized dealer for Chameleon products for the last decade. The grand prize drawing will take place on Halloween.

The details are simple: Spend $10 on any pipe, dugout box or grinder. You get a ticket. Spend $30 and get two. $60 or more gets your three tickets. If you don’t win, your entry stays in for the next drawing.

Stop in to try to win today!

If you don’t know the answer to this Jeopardy! clue, then there is no hope for you.

O.P.M.S. Black | A More Pure Kratom Extract!

Available in both capsules and liquid shots, O.P.M.S. Black has been carried at our store the last few months. The feedback has been great. For those wanting to try something different than the original Gold line, this could be a great alternative. The prices are the same as the others. A five-pack is $33.99 and the liquid shot is $16.99. We are the only official retailer for O.P.M.S. products in DeKalb County.

The best selection of Kratom products throughout the state of Illinois is right here. Stop in and see us. Free shipping is available for those outside the area as well.

Esco Bars are here!

$16.99 | $2500 Puffs

We guarantee the lowest prices on all disposable vapes in DeKalb County. You know where to find us.

Thank you, Milwaukee!

I’m excited. You’re excited. We all are excited.

What an amazing moment it was on Friday, August 20th. I consider myself very blessed for being able to get into the building. Two National Television appearances down and four more to go by Labor Day. Keep watching.

Students, we are giving you two weeks to save money with the Back To School Sale.

We are title-takers and history-makers. And every year, we prove that with an extravaganza like this. Show your school I.D. to get an additional 5% off sale items. This begins August 23rd and ends Labor Day, September 6th. Bring your bookbag in and fill it up with goodies. You know where to find us.

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We have expanded our selection of rolling trays!

Starting at $6.99, you can come in and get one that suits you best. Small, medium and large trays are available with many different designs. You can get one with a simple design or go all out with a fancy one. We have it for you here at the guaranteed lowest prices in all of DeKalb County.

FINALLY (after 18 months), The Fro Dog has come back to National Television!

Three more appearances coming up in the next month. Keep your eyes on the TV as we continue to piss off our competition along with the two obsolete mules in Wisconsin. Who’s laughing now?