Mr. Fog Max: $9.99

A disposable vaporizer with approximately 1,000 puffs at only $9.99, do we really need to say much more? Shop here and spend much less than with anyone else. We’ll see you here.


The 4th of July Sale begins Friday, June 26th!

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A bunch of deals: This is what the 18-time DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions provide to people who want to save money. For these ten days, customers will save even more than usual on many products in the store.

June 26th to July 5th. Since the holiday is on a Saturday, we’re extending the sale one extra day. We are open normal Saturday hours on the 4th of July from 10:00 to 6:00.

As always, we ship most products in our store for free. Need a gift? Call us. 815-991-5955 and we’ll send it out by the next business day. For everyone else, we’ll see you here.

Father’s Day is less than a week away. Show him you care by getting a bong from us.

Hey, kids. Remember when your dad said you would be welcomed back home after college? Remember when he followed through on his word and let you live there for a while until you got a job? Well, now it’s time for you to show gratitude in return for this. Nothing says “thanks dad” more than a bong. We have plenty in stock for that special day. He doesn’t smoke? Well, tell him to start.

Fine. No bong? Then get some cigars. We have those as well along with accessories. It’s a good compromise. Just please, don’t be ridiculous and get him socks or a shirt from a department store. Do you want to be lame like everyone else or do you want to to be awesome? Take the latter and get him something from us.

There are a bunch of other things we also sell. But I’ll leave it right here. See you this week.

Say hello to The Vitamin Vape for only $14.99!

Here is something for many of you to enjoy. The Vitamin Vape contains no nicotine and no tobacco. Just pure B-12 that you can vape. 14 servings for approximately over 100 puffs are packed into one disposable vape.

At just $14.99, The Vitamin Vape is sold exclusively here in DeKalb County. That’s for now anyway. It has come to my understanding that the accupuncture boy down the street is ready to snort out another one of my ideas like he’s done for the last seven years. He must be very paranoid these days. Science tells me that nose candy does that to people. Let’s just be happy and stick with natural stuff such as The Vitamin Vape.

Anybody know who this clown is? He decided to come in our store and act a fool. (See video below)

Look folks, I don’t like this mask requirement anymore than you do. Unfortunately, we have laws and need to follow them while keeping everyone safe. However, this dingleberry decided to shout expletives at one of our employees like it was their fault. If anybody knows who this is, let him know he is a tool.

I will also reiterate that if you do not want to wear a mask, we understand it. That’s why we offer curbside as well. You can call ahead or simply open the door and ask us to get what you need. If you act like an anus and disrespect my employees, you will get your actions posted on here for everyone to see.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Posh Plus – Puff Bar – Puff Plus: Your three best choices for disposable vapes at the guaranteed lowest prices in DeKalb County.

The vaporizer market is oversaturated. It’s been that way for almost a decade. Whether it’s vaporizer kits themselves, tanks, coils or e-liquids, it can be too much. Disposable vapes are a major part of that.

If you are as annoyed as I have been with the amount of disposable vapes on websites and in other stores, then stop in and see us. We will gladly explain to you why we only carry three brands.

Over 20 different flavors are available between the the three brands. When you want one, we will be here waiting for you.

The Memorial Day Sale begins Monday, May 18th.

It’s a full week of deals to get ready for the summer. We’re giving more money off select items as a thanks to all of you for your support during these tough times. We are also open Memorial Day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Keep in mind, we give free shipping with most products. Call us at 815-991-5955 to make an order today. Click on the ad below for more details. We’ll see the rest of you here.

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Don’t let The Village Idiot™ down the street rip you off on e-liquids. Bad Drip is only $16.99 from us for all nicotine levels!

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It’s one thing to price gouge during tough times. It’s another to price gouge for years. That’s what our competitors are doing and we have more proof.

New customers have came in recently talking about Bad Drip e-liquids being sold for much more than other places. One even said the conspiracy theorist down the street was charging about $25 for it. Another place is around $21. Our price? $16.99. And that’s for both regular and salt liquids.

And if you’re needing a vape, pods or coils, we have most in stock and at the guaranteed lowest prices in the area. The 11th Commandment states that “Thou shall not shop at the competition.” Stop in and save some of that money you would throw away elsewhere.

Face masks are required to enter our store until further notice.

This is due to state requirements that began May 1st. We must abide by the law. If you do not have a mask, we have limited amounts that can be given out (one per customer). We also provide curbside assistance if you aren’t comfortable with that.

Please understand that we’re trying to be on the safe side of things as well. We’ve had a few already act like ass clowns by giving us an attitude about it. Really, you won’t hurt our feelings when you yell “YOU JUST LOST MY BUSINESS” like one turd did already when he refused to put one on. Our advice to you is simple: Don’t be an ass clown.

Thank you.

Unprecedented: The 4-20 Sale is going on right now and has been expanded from three days to two weeks!

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Customers: This is our thanks to you during these tough times. All of you have been ahead of the curve by social distancing yourselves from our competition the last 18 years. In the past, it was just a few days of this sale. This year, it’s two full weeks starting April 15th. Click on the ad in this post to get all of the details. Free shipping is available for most products. Call us at 815-991-5955. See you here.