The Best In The Smoker’s World: The First To Everything in DeKalb County.

And our competition? They continue to lie to the people of DeKalb County by saying they are number one. “False titles for false idols.”

Just think of us as that restaurant who had the crispy chicken sandwich first. Then, think of our local competitors as the ones who copied us with their own versions. That reminds us that we’re ahead by at least a mile.

In this short video, we prove that for nearly two decades, we are title-takers and history-makers. Our competition fails to fall in line and they refuse to acknowledge us as their supreme rulers.

Effective immediately, face coverings will be optional in our store.

We want to say thank you to those who have understood and respected our rules for the last year in regards to face coverings. With recent CDC guidelines being released, we came to this decision.

And for those that have come in the last year and harassed us about wearing a mask, you are more than welcome back to shop here. But we will be “violating your Constitutional rights” by taking your temperature upon entering. Rectally.

Hitt Switch and Air Bar Max: 2000 puffs at the guaranteed lowest prices in DeKalb County.

Hitt Switch: This disposable vape is red hot right now. You can switch between two different flavors at any time. $16.99 is the price for 2000 puffs.

Air Bar Max: You can’t switch flavors with this one, but you will love the amount of flavors we have. $19.99 is what you pay for the same amount of puffs.

We guarantee the lowest prices in the county. Find out for yourself.

Your mother gave you life. For Mother’s Day, show your appreciation by getting her a bong from us.

Mothers know best. But we do too. This is why we’re giving deals starting Monday, May 3rd until that special Sunday, May 9th. We have pipes and bongs for her. There are also plenty of THC Delta-8 gummies and tinctures as well. It will be on sale for Mother’s Day. Details are below. Don’t procrastinate.

Pipes/Bongs > $25 | 15% off

THC Delta-8 Products | 10% off

Hitter boxes/Grinders | 10% off

Candles/Sprays | $1 off

We have new grinders in including some new Rick and Morty designs.

Check them out along with our other options today!

The 420 Sale is nigh. (April 19-21)

(Click to enlarge.)

Memories last a lifetime. But history lasts forever.

With us, we don’t want to make memories. We want to make history.

And we are doing exactly that with the 420 Sale. Never in our history have we had 40% off on items such as bongs.  Likewise for what we’re giving you off on THC Delta-8 Cartridges. On 4/20, we’re also going to be giving away free cigarillos with select purchases.

These deals will only last three days starting April 19th. Since 2002, we’ve been DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions. Come see why.

We’ll be open all weekend celebrating the successful title defense.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t be in Tampa this weekend for the festivities of retaining the title of DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions. But we will be celebrating in the store with 10% off all cigars.

For the few who are headed down there, safe travels and enjoy the show. The goal is to be in Dallas next year with all of you in a sold-out crowd. It’s been too long.

To this day, our local competitors have yet to show lab results for their Kratom. We post ours every few months.


It’s been a routine for us to have an updated lab report for all of you to see. Look at the date in the picture. Our Kratom is clean with no pesticides, bacteria or metals. 100 samples get tested every three months.

Our watermark is on our lab report because The Village Idiot Down The Street™ has a documented history of stealing our ideas, pictures and words off our website.

Because he knows deep down he has no clue about running a business by putting Kratom into a Ziploc bag to sell, he ends up at a local establishment near the courthouse in Sycamore to get shitfaced and be late for work the next day. And since we know he is reading this, we wanted to thank him for his contributions to our business.

For over 11 years, we have sold only brand-name Kratom products that are factory sealed and lab-tested. For those who do shop with us, continue spreading the word. If you haven’t tried us out yet, find out for yourself today.

We will be closed Easter Sunday, April 4th because the scavenger hunt with weed inside the eggs is going on that day.

We’ll be back Monday, April 5th with normal business hours.

We employees would like to wish our boss a happy seventh birthday.