Posh Plus XL | $14.99

We’re just sending a friendly reminder to everyone that if you enjoy saving money, then this is the place to be. If you enjoy getting ripped off and having your intelligence insulted from the owner of The Conspiracy Theory Store down the street (or any other competing place), then knock yourself out. It’s not our money you’re throwing away.

Want an example? The Posh Plus XL disposable vaporizer. $14.99 is what you pay from us. The price from the weirdos? $20-$25. You’re saving a minimum of $5 from us. Can you imagine how much more you’ll be saving if you see us all the time?

We also recycle your old vape batteries. When they are finished, drop them off in our recycling box. So stop in, save some money and more importantly, help out the environment.

We will be closed Thanksgiving to let the turkeys do what they do best.

Don’t you dare be sour. Clap for your champs and feel the power with normal business hours on Friday. The deals are going on all weekend. Look below this post for details.

The Black Friday Weekend Sale begins November 27th.

November 27-30

THC Delta 8 Products | 10% off

Pipes $25-$75 | 20% off

Pipes $75-$150 | 25% off

Pipes > $150 | 35% off

Vaporizers > $30 | 10% off

Hitter Boxes/Grinders | 20% off

Cigars (Min. 5) | 15% off

We are currently hiring.

We are seeking one responsible adult who is available evenings and weekends for part-time work. You must live close by or have reliable transportation. Stop in and see us if you’re interested. If you know someone who is looking for a job, feel free to pass the word to them.

That being said, please do not come in and talk to us if the following traits possess you:

  • You call off work often
  • Your mom still does your laundry
  • You do crack and/or meth
  • You are dishonest
  • You complain about not having enough hours and when you are given more, you complain about having to work them

Have you checked out our video library archives?

In 2014, The Best In The Smoker’s World Network was started as a source for news, past sales and product information from our business to customers. Added in those videos is some crude, inside humor to upset the competitors and Brother Nero’s in Wisconsin since they all read this website regularly. If you don’t get the references, don’t worry. Just keep watching. Over 35 promos exist in our library spanning over five years. Click on the link below and browse at no cost to you. Enjoy!

Click here for the video library.

Are you ready for the Halloween Sale? We are.

In past years, the Halloween Sale would end on Halloween. Not this year. How does one extra day sound?

It begins Monday, October 26th and runs until Sunday, November 1st. We will see you here.

We have Billy Bong Thornton for sale; And apparently, King Slash is a distant cousin of Killer from the classic movie “Half Baked.”

Billy Bong Thornton available in two, three or four hoses!

Remember the classic movie Half Baked? Well, we’re about to remind you in two different ways why it’s one of the greatest movies ever. This classic had been watched numerous times growing up and needs to be watched again soon.

First, the beginning of the movie has the boys in their apartment getting out “Billy Bong Thornton” for a relaxing evening. Made with four hoses, this makes for a great experience. It is also available with two and three hoses while supplies last. When you’re with your friends, keep “Wesley Pipes” put away and use Billy Bong Thornton. It’s an experience like no other. And after you are higher than a kite, don’t send one of your friends out to get food. Just call for Domino’s to deliver BEFORE something bad happens.

(Click to enlarge.)

Next, King Slash has plenty of Rottweiler in him just like Killer from the movie. The side-by-side comparison shows that they both look very similar, especially in the face. Killer flies high over New York City and King Slash flies high over DeKalb County. Must be those CBD Peanut Butter Treats we sell (hint, hint).

And for those of you that haven’t watched Half Baked, what are you even doing with your lives? The movie came out 22 years ago. Get on it. You won’t regret it. After that, stop in and thank us for improving your lives. Helping you live a better life is our job after all.

Delta 8 THC vape cartridges and tinctures are now in stock.


We appreciate the patience from all of you who have waited. As we promised a few weeks back, Delta 8 THC cartridges and tinctures are now here. Supplies are limited.

In a pinch? Well, “URINE LUCK!”

Yeah, these times suck. But that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. Get the Quick Fix to your solutions here. Since 2005, we have carried Quick Fix for all your novelty needs.

Customers in the past: Does this really work?

My response: Do you ask the employee at Best Buy if the TV’s they sell work? You see how ridiculous that sounds?

And for the record, I just bought a 70-inch TV at Best Buy. No joke. IT DOES WORK. And I get a warranty on it for a year. So there you go.

We give free shipping on Quick Fix. Call us at 815-991-5955 to make an order today. For the rest, we’ll see you soon.

Rest In Paradise, Road Warrior Animal.

“WHAT A RUSH!” – Gone too soon. Thank you, champ.