Smok G-Priv is one of our leading sellers of dual-battery box mods. And our price is making the competition ANGRY.

You can get the G-Priv Box Mod Kit from us for only $119.99. Buy authentic and local. Don’t risk buying a knock-off online. Free shipping is available to all. 815-991-5955 is the number to make an order today.

True story: Tuesday, April 11th, we had a customer come in asking for the G-Priv Box Mod Kit by Smok. When we told him the price of $119.99, he was shocked because he told us a certain competitor in town (the one who was rendered obsolete after failing to show up for a title shot in Orlando last week) was selling it for $150. Then, when we told him we would include batteries that are brand-name and not cheap, garbage knock-offs like competitors sell, he was even more happy that he gave us an opportunity. After purchasing the Gold-colored G-Priv from us that day, he now knows that he was getting ripped off by the competition.

Folks, don’t get let the same thing happen to you. When competitors tell you they “MATCH ALL PRICES”, shouldn’t that tell you that they are charging you way more to begin with? Shouldn’t they already be the best and cheapest?

Well, we have news for you: We have the word “Best” in the name of our business. We don’t have 14 different names for our store to make you think someone new is in charge. All of these years, there has been one owner in charge with the same name of his store. That’s how The King of Kings runs his business.

If we weren’t the best, we wouldn’t put it in our name. We have the best prices for the best products with the best customers. That’s what has made us the best in DeKalb County for 15 years. That’s The Best In The Smoker’s World. 1565 DeKalb Ave. in Sycamore, Illinois is the place to be. We’ll see you soon.

We will be closed Easter Sunday to let the bunnies run wild.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back Monday, April 17th with our normal business hours.

Happy Easter to all!

“Crumble makes you humble.”


For the last two months, we have introduced CBD Crumble to our customers. A substance that can be used in a wax vape or oil rig, CBD Crumble has exceeded expectations by being more potent than the the normal wax and making less of a mess.

One gram of CBD Crumble Extract runs you $46.99. CBD Crumble is part of CBD-Kratom Central at Best In The Smoker’s World.

Free shipping is available. Call us at 815-991-5955 to make an order today.

Mr. Competitor fails to show up in Orlando; Best In The Smoker’s World retains title of best tobacco store in DeKalb County

April 2nd, 2017 – Orlando, Florida

To the surprise of no one in a crowd of 75,245 people at the Citrus Bowl, Mr. Competitor down the street failed to show up for his title shot at Camping World Stadium on Sunday. Similar to the San Antonio debacle in January, Mr. Competitor had a chance to compete for the best tobacco store in DeKalb County in front of a record crowd and didn’t show up. When reached for comment on his Florida cell phone number, it went to voicemail.

The Orlando area is a place Mr. Competitor once called home. I am sure with the business he ran there, he probably copied all of their ideas, too. Maybe he was so embarrassed by this, that’s why he didn’t show up. Oh well.

Now, we can say Mr. Competitor will fade away and classify himself as obsolete. Instead of coming down to Orlando to take his medicine like a man, he hid from everyone. And for you, Mr. Competitor, take a look at the video below. That’s as close as you will ever get to the title of best tobacco store in DeKalb County. We will defend our title in the future against more worthy opponents.

Special thanks to the people at Wing Shack on Michigan Street in Orlando for hosting us Sunday afternoon. We thank them very much. Also, a shout out to Justin, Josh, Adam and Bill for making appearances. Before we forget, we’d like to thank BJ’s Roadhouse on International Drive for letting us stay past closing time on Friday night. It was a great weekend all-around.

Video is below. Enjoy! *Warning: A bit of foul language was used in this video. Viewer discretion is advised.*

Where else are you going to get 90 ML of brand-name e-liquids for $27.99? How about 180 ML for only $39.99?

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I should have had an emphasis on the term “brand-name”. That’s because we only sell brand name e-liquids. We don’t sell garbage that competing stores sell where they slap a poorly-made label on e-juice that, for all we know, was probably made in a basement.

Our e-liquids are made by professionals in California. And with the best selection of e-liquids in the area, we are your destination.

One-Hit Wonder E-Liquids that we’ve been carrying for almost two years are here. With the new line of 90 ML packages that came out before Christmas, you are getting an amazing deal. Don’t want the 180 ML for $39.99? Feel free to get the 90 ML for only $27.99!

Broken King of Kings appears for the first time since the Halloween Sale in this exclusive interview.

***Credit to Broken Matthew for ideas on making this video. Unlike the competition, when we get help on ideas, we don’t plagiarize. Instead, we cite our sources and give credit to the ones responsible.***

***Disclaimer: This interview was recorded on March 18th, 2017. The person interviewing the Broken King of Kings has been a journalist and professor in the Chicagoland area for the last ten years. We thank her for time and effort in this interview.***

Topics in this video include:

  • What he is doing to bring in remaining customers who still shop at the competition and not The Best In The Smoker’s World
  • Mr. Competitor
  • Brother Nero and the rest of the mere mortal family
  • Future of Best In The Smoker’s World and it’s goals moving forward
  • Broken Brilliance and the key to it’s success

Viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy!  🙂

Don’t want to leave the house this weekend because of March Madness? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

As every year goes for March Madness, we have the games on the store TV this weekend. We’ll be flipping through all four channels the games are airing on so you don’t miss much when you leave.

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See you all here!