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Enter our 12 Daze Of Highness Raffle today!

Fro Dog Clause is giving out one free gift bag full of goodies each day starting December 11th. The more you buy, the more tickets you can get to win. And yes, you can win multiple times. We will see you here.

We are closed on Thanksgiving.

We will be back on Friday with normal business hours. Our Black Friday Weekend Sale will be underway. Check below this post for details.

Happy Thanksgiving.

A special thanks to Mr. Competitor Down The Street for the front row tickets on Thanksgiving Eve.

I give thanks where it’s due. And for you, Mr. Competitor, it’s all gratitude. Thank you for buying me front row seats for the big show the night before the holiday. And with three more shows in the next several weeks, I know you have already bought those for me as well. You’re such a nice guy. Please don’t ever go out of business.

The Black Friday Weekend Sale AND The 12 Daze Of Highness Raffle? Sign me up!

It should be your favorite three days of the year. Our Black Friday Weekend kicks off this Friday with insane deals on all of your favorites. Want more great news? We have brought back our 12 Daze Of Highness Raffle. All of the details for both are below. It’s going to be an insane few weeks ahead. We suggest you get into the store sooner rather than later.

Black Friday Weekend

12 Daze Of Highness

Rest In Power, Tommy Oliver.

“Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.”

Treetop Two-Gram Delta Resin Vapes are here!

Available in several different strains, these have been a hit at our store the last several weeks. They are rechargeable and easy to carry around. And for the price, you can’t find a better one for a resin vape with two grams in DeKalb County. Try one today!

Need a vape for your cartridge? We have you covered!

(Click to enlarge.)

The Wulf Uni is our more popular cartridge vape. Not only does it have a variable voltage option, but you can adjust the length and circumference to fit most cartridges. We also have the Uni S option for those wanting an upgrade. And of course, we have plenty of pen vapes that are easier to carry around for less.

We are cheaper than the dispensaries on all vape accessories. Stop in today.

More bongs have arrived including some new Rick and Morty ones!

While our local competitors continue to flood their store pages with memes and pictures that are the opposite of hysterical, we are continuing to show everyone why we have the best products for the best prices in DeKalb County. Our selection of bongs are no different. When you come in, there is no hassle or pressure to buy anything. And even better, we won’t bribe you to leave a five-star review like Mr. Competitor does. That isn’t very “Ucey” of him.

Stop in, take your time and browse today!