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According to this video, the FDA and Big Pharma are butt hurt because Kratom is taking all of their customers away.

“Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”

– Ron Paul

View the video posted here to see what a prominent attorney in Florida says about the government’s mission to take away this plant that can possibly help others live better lives. We have the best and largest selection for Kratom in the state of Illinois. Come see why many have said hello to Kratom at Best In The Smoker’s World over all of these years. We offer free shipping to 46 states. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order.

Special thanks to DeKalb’s Daily-Chronicle for featuring us on their front page this week.

The Valentine’s Day Sale: Your chance to redeem yourself. (Feb. 12-14)

We here at Best In The Smoker’s World are going to save your relationship by having a sale from February 12th-14th on pipes, grinders, vaporizers, cigars, candles and sprays. 14% off every single one of those items.

Men, that woman in your life finds the guy who works in the next building over from her office attractive. If you do the same boring thing by getting flowers or chocolate this Valentine’s Day, she’s going to leave you for him. Trust us, we’ve seen customers do this to their now, ex-significant others before. Don’t suffer the same fate.

Women, same goes for you as well. That woman your husband knows through a mutual friend? Well, it may not be just a “friend” anymore if you buy him yet, another pair of socks. Don’t be another statistic. Get down here now and do what’s right.

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Kratom for 15 cents a gram? Yes!

We have gained a further-grip on the collective throats of the competition when it comes to Kratom. We’ve doubled our selection with 18 different combinations of strains in the last six months. Our Kratom is 100% pure. The best part? We hear some places sell their Kratom outside of the packages by the capsule and thus, touching it with their bare fingers. I don’t know about you, but that’s a health code hazard/quality control issue to me. You want to buy factory sealed bags and bottles? We have that for you. And for cheaper.

Don’t risk buying with local and online markets. We are the home of Kratom-CBD Central in the state of Illinois and have done this for years. Stop in or give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today. We ship to 46 states!