Monthly Archives: July 2020

For over a decade, we have provided customers with the best selection of lab-tested, high-quality Kratom.

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Due to recent events combating the Nation, our quarterly Kratom report was delayed. The labs that test this Kratom were running at limited capacity from March until June. We have the report from last quarter now posted here.

We post our lab reports with our watermark logo due to certain competitors copying them with intent to tell their customers that this is their Kratom. It’s not. All of our Kratom is factory-sealed and brand-name. Unlike our competition, we sell factory-sealed bags and with the highest quality. We do not put them into sandwich bags and mark which strain it is with a marker.

As always, free shipping is available. Call us at 815-991-5955. Stop in and see us if you’re close by. See you here.

Mr. Fog Max: $9.99

A disposable vaporizer with approximately 1,000 puffs at only $9.99, do we really need to say much more? Shop here and spend much less than with anyone else. We’ll see you here.