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The 4th of July Sale begins Sunday, June 27th!

Summer is in full-swing and what better way to celebrate Independence Day by getting away from family just to smoke a bowl? As the title-takers and history-makers we are, there are plenty of pipes in stock just for you along with much more. View the video and ad in this post to get more information. July 4th hours are 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. We will be awaiting your arrival.

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Quick reminder: If you are under 30, please bring your I.D. with you.

We are putting this out there because we haven’t seen your faces in over a year and for the newer customers, for the first time. We would greatly appreciate it.

For the ones whose fathers aren’t dastardly, we have the gifts for them on their special day.

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Cigars? Humidors? We have them. Bongs? Yes, those too. And all of them make great gifts for your dad.

This sale goes from Wednesday, June 16th until Father’s Day, June 20th. All cigars and humidors are 10% off. We also have some variety packs just in case you want several different ones. Pipes and bongs above $25 are also 10% off. THC-Delta 8 flower and cartridges are 10% off.

See you here.

These new gummies are InKRATable!

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Kratom Extract Gummies: They’re real. And they’re spectacular. A ten pack is $19.99. And the only place to get them in DeKalb County is here. But we all know what will happen next: The bartender down the street will copy this idea too and claim it was his first. You all know who I’m talking about. That silly goose!

Ladies and gentlemen, Illinois’ leader for the best Kratom since 2009 is right here.

We are now accepting applications from people who don’t suck at life.

Looking for a part-time gig with flexible hours that is easy, fun and lets you smoke weed? You’ve found your dream job. Please stop in and leave your information. The last time we did this, we found someone. The problem? She was canned three days in for showing up late twice. Don’t be stupid and waste our time like this person.

We aren’t asking for much here. We want someone awesome. If that is you, come in and see us. If you know someone who is awesome, send them our way. If you are someone who steals, lies, does coke or is simply lazy, fuck off.

The Cube | $22.99 | 3000 Puffs

Find another competitor in the area selling a 3000-puff disposable vaporizer at $22.99 or less and we’ll give you the key to our store.

Our competitors charge around $22 for the Posh XL (1500 puffs). And for the record, we charge $14.99 for the same one.

You get twice the amount of puffs for only $1 more than what they charge. Enough said.