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Kratom has arrived!


Photo courtesy of our supplier’s website.

Ladies and gentleman, after a brief shortage, Kratom is back at Best In The Smoker’s World. We have both pills and tea powder in stock. 30 gram bags are $29.99 and 60 gram bags are $59.99. Don’t let the competing stores in the area rip you off on Kratom. We guarantee the lowest price on all of our Kratom products.

Don’t live in the area? We offer FREE shipping on all Kratom products with no minimum order. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order.



Cyclops available (limited quantities)

$30-$45: 10% off

$45 and above: 15% off

Sale ends this Saturday, february 28th. We have a full stock back in with an entire shelf dedicated to American made glass. We’ll see you here soon.

Dekalb County newspaper interviews The King of Kings about vaporizers and e-liquids.

Click here for the interview!

And come see us at 1565 Dekalb Ave. Suite C in Sycamore to see our revamped Vape Station. We have an entire section of our store dedicated to dry, oil and liquid vaporizers. And don’t forget for those live outside our area, we offer free shipping on all products. Find out today why we are, the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Chronicle

From The Daily Chronicle: “Owner Muhammad Mustafa shows e-cigarettes to a customer at (Best In The) Smoker’s World in Sycamore on Friday, February 6, 2015. Mustafa, who has worked in the tobacco business for more than a decade, has noticed a growing trend of smokers transitioning from tobacco to e-cigarettes.”

Valentine’s Day is almost here; sale on vaporizers and glass pipes

cupid3Customers, what are you going to get that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day this year? If you are thinking flowers or chocolate, you’re officially out of ideas and chances are, they aren’t going to be satisfied. Quit being like everyone else. Let me, The King of Kings, help you out.

Best In The (Smoker’s) World in Sycamore is going to have the products that are best for Valentine’s Day. Men, think outside the box. Get your wife, girlfriend (or both) a gift from us. We have plenty of glass pipes, incense and electronic cigarettes for you to choose from. All vaporizer starter kits are 10% off. Glass pipes $25-$35 are 10% off and above that, 15% off.

Folks, we carry brand name electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Some places around here put their own logo on liquids that are probably being produced out of someone’s basement and for cheaper. With our brand name liquids and accessories, you know what you’re getting from us. Our electronic cigarettes have warranties so if there are any problems, it’s as simple as contacting the manufacturer and getting a replacement. With our e-liquids, the ingredients are listed on the side of the box. Don’t other stores in the area rip you off. Come to Best In The Smoker’s World in Sycamore and save money.

This sale ends February 15th. I suggest you get here soon before your favorite glass pipe might be in the hands of someone else. And remember, all pipes sold are for tobacco use only. If not, I am going to come over there and do something odd. Don’t make me come over there and do odd things to you!

Message to our current and future customers (Special announcement #1) (Revised February 2015)

(Apologies for the audio difficulties; turn sound up)

***Special thanks to our friend, Vince, for help on the video.***

“Then. Now. Forever.”




I want to first, apologize to anyone who tried coming to our store on Super Bowl Sunday. I live on the other side of Dekalb and near back roads. Dekalb County has not, yet, plowed where I live. I am currently snowed in with the inability to get out because of the high winds.

I also received a call from someone who works for the city of Dekalb and was told that many of the roads have not been plowed.

We will be open Monday between the hours of 10:00 and 1:00, depending on the roads. Thanks for your support and understanding.