Monthly Archives: January 2023

We have the Orion 7500 Puff Disposable Vape!

And with it being $19.99 (until February 28th), you will not find a better value for a brand name vape anywhere in DeKalb County. These vapes have a better airflow and are rechargeable. Stop in to get one today!

A special message to the four new competitors in DeKalb County and two old ones.

Two new competitors and two more who will open up in DeKalb County? Very well then. And for you two other competitors who have been open a while and are within a mile of our store, this video is for you as well. Enjoy.

“From undesirable to undeniable” | San Antonio loves Best In The Smoker’s World!

Six years after first going to The Alamodome, a return was appropriate. With 50,000 fans in the building, we proved why we are DeKalb County Champions.

As it goes every time, we have to send thanks to the businesses that took care of us while down there. We start with The Iron Cactus, Agave Bar and VooDoo Donuts. And a special thanks to Naomi and the rest of the crew at Saltgrass Steakhouse for going out of their way to take care of us. We appreciate it.

24 hours in Philly.

The tour of 2023 has begun. First stop, Philadelphia. Our competition can only imitate and never duplicate. Early morning there and back to work the next day. This past Monday, the highest ratings in over three years happened. Why? Because the champs showed up in style.

Special thanks goes out to the folks at Kite and Key for lunch and Rosy’s Tacos in downtown Philly for dinner. The best chicken tacos that have ever existed are at Rosy’s.

Next up, San Antonio. Acknowledge us.

Kratom | The natural path to a better quality of life.

We know that Kratom is everywhere. Gas stations. Smoke shops. Probably even at a hardware store, Kratom is being sold. The market has been oversaturated like everything else out there.

But is it lab-tested and factory-sealed? Since 2009, we have sold Kratom that is both of those. In addition, we have provided lab reports every quarter on our website. Check our archives for proof. We have some of the best Kratom for the best prices. It’s available in capsules, powder and extract such as gummies and drinks.

Don’t let cheap prices fool you. If you ask someone at a gas station or our local competitors to provide proof of lab reports to show that it is clean and pure, they won’t be able to do that. We also provide free shipping on Kratom. If you’re too far away and live in a state where it is legal, call us to make an order today.

New Year. New lower prices on our disposable vapes!

Who says products never go down in price? How is it possible at our business? Simple. It’s because we are champions. And when you’re the best, you find a way to come through for the people. With the amount of competition now at an all-time high in DeKalb County, we have to continue proving that they can’t come close to us when it comes to the best products and prices.

This includes our disposable vapes. Below is a list of our vapes, the amount of puffs each contain and their prices. Go ahead and compare. We will see you here.

(Click to enlarge.)