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The crap Mr. Competitor down the street takes in his pants after seeing this will be one of “EPIC” proportions!

Sure, we have the Juul in stock. We’ve had it for a long time. Now, say hello to the Epic by Jak. Similar to the Juul, it’s cheaper and deemed by many as better than it’s competitor.

Mr. Competitor down the street has had a habit of getting roided up while copying all of our product ideas and slogans over the last five years. With the Epic Vape, we aren’t just giving him a taste of his own medicine. We’re giving him the whole damn bottle.

You can get the Epic right here at our store and for cheaper than our local competition. Come check it out.

Trust the store that’s been carrying the highest quality of Kratom products in Illinois since 2009!

See the chart below above for all of the options on our Kratom. More strains in kilos have also been added. Don’t get ripped off by the local competition by buying products that aren’t factory-sealed. They can’t even hold a candle up to us. Our Kratom is lab-tested, factory-sealed and most importantly, effective. Can’t make it in? Give us a call at 815-991-5955. We ship to 46 states.

Juul CBD Pods: They’re here.

100 MG CBD Pods for Juul in four different flavors? Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally. And it’s all here for you. The only place to get CBD Juul Pods in DeKalb County is right here.

Stop in and get some of these. Want it shipped? Call us and we’ll make it happen. 815-991-5955.

Learning from the best

The King, The King of Kings and Good Ol’ J.R.

How cool is this? A while back, I had the honor of meeting two of the very best at what they did for many years. They were in the suburbs for a meet-and-greet. For a few hours, it was nothing but laughs from stories that took place during my childhood and teenage years. I learned so much just by listening to them. Whether it’s adversity in the business or personally, these two have both overcome all that was thrown at them. I felt as if I had related to them in that aspect and that’s why I felt it was special. It’s a day I won’t ever forget.

Suorin Vagon and Aspire Breeze 2 are much cheaper here than our local competition!

Don’t get ripped off by other places in DeKalb County. Get the Vagon and Breeze 2 here and for less money. Need e-liquids? More of those are in stock as well. Look at the ad in this post for more. We’ll see you soon!

(Click on ad to enlarge.)

Turn your concentrates into e-liquid with Wax Liquidizer!

The word “game-changer” can really be overused, especially in the last several years. But with this, it’s justified. The Wax Liquidizer is something that’s going to be very big. We’ve had it for a while now and it’s sold very well. Wax? Crumble? Isolate? Shatter? All of it can be turned into e-liquid. It’s available in many different flavors. Amazing stuff. If you buy some, there are plenty of videos online that you can watch to see how to use it properly.

The only place in DeKalb County to get this amazing product is right here at our store.

Come by and try this product out today!