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4th of July Sale details

From July 1st until the 5th, deals are all over the store. We are open on the 4th from 9:00-5:00. Click on the ad in this post to get all the details. We will see you here.

Four cities in 21 days has been completed.

Competing stores from outside DeKalb County were offered to step through The Forbidden Door this past Sunday to challenge Best In The Smoker’s World for The DeKalb County Tobacco Store Championship in front of over 15,000 fans. Not one answered the call. That means all four stops on the tour were a success with the last being in The House That Jordan Built.

I could thank many and rightfully so. But I want to thank one person in particular. That is Mr. Competitor Down The Street. If it wasn’t for him chasing a bunch of customers out of his Sooper Dooper Pooper Store in all of the years, these front row premium seats at every show aren’t possible. Consistently winning championships isn’t possible without him. I need him to stay in business. It’s motivation and desire to stay hungry.

Best In The Smoker’s World: Fall in line. Acknowledge us.

We give free shipping on Kratom orders.

Since 2009, we have had Kratom in our store. And now more than ever, Kratom is in-demand. But it’s all about the quality.

Our Kratom is lab-tested, factory-sealed and affordable. Sure, some can be found cheaper online. But let us remind you: less cost online doesn’t mean it’s better. “Cheap stuff isn’t good and good stuff isn’t cheap.”

If you live too far away to stop in to see what you need, you can call us to make an order. We do require minimum orders of at least 100 grams to get free shipping. Anything less is a flat $9 fee. Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today.

Defending the title in style in Milwaukee.

The stats show it all. When promoting The Best In The Smoker’s World on National Television, business goes up. It’s simple. We are no match for the competitors in DeKalb County and we show it with every appearance for the entire Nation to see.

Next up, we will allow a competitor from outside of DeKalb County to challenge us next for the title. Who wants to walk through The Forbidden Door?

St. Louis: Acknowledge The Best In The Smoker’s World


10:15 p.m. – Show ends

10:35 p.m. – Back on the road from St. Louis

3:15 a.m. – Returns to DeKalb County

3:50 a.m. – Bed

8:00 a.m. – Wake Up

9:00 a.m. – At work for ten hours. That’s how we roll.

Two stops remaining on the tour | Milwaukee and United Center


Get dad high as a kite this Father’s Day.

As you see in the picture that was horribly Photoshopped (I’m a little rusty), this family is happy. Mom and daughter got dad a beautiful bong for Father’s Day.

If your dad is awesome, get him a bong from us. If he doesn’t smoke weed, tell him to start. Or a cigar will do. Regardless, he will love you forever if do this.

Or if your dad is dastardly like one I may know of, then fuck it. Don’t get him anything. Instead, buy something for yourself and send a reminder that you won’t be like him.

Save 10% between June 17th and 19th on all cigars, pipes and bongs above $25. We will see you here.

Get the Smok Nord 4 here and for cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County.

Last week, we had a customer come in that was very upset after finding out he was ripped off by another store in town on the Nord 4. First, all he needed was something simple for salt juice. He was told about the Nord 4 and bought it from them. He came in saying it was leaking and when told about the wrong coils being used, he was even more frustrated.

The competing store didn’t even bother to tell him which coils to use for his juice. We ended up showing him the right ones and when he saw the price of $44.99 for the kit itself, he told us that this other store had it for around $65.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you. We guarantee the lowest price in town on all vapes and juice. Save money and time by seeing us.

Greetings from a “premium live event.”

Rosemont was the first of four shows this month. Best In The Smoker’s World is taking it to the road with St. Louis and Milwaukee up next. Then, at the United Center at the end of the month. Let’s do this. Keep your eyes on the TV.


Defined as the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage, durability defines The Best In The Smoker’s World.

What is in this picture is a prime example of it. Yeah, you folks who are at least in your mid-30’s know what this is. It’s a Super Nintendo. This one is the same one that a certain someone has had since they were seven. Almost 30 years ago, it was purchased. Many early mornings and late nights were spent playing it throughout all the years both alone and with friends.

As you can see, this Super Nintendo has been through a lot. How did this happen? Funny story. You see, there was this dastardly father. Let’s call him Meek Mahan. One morning around the year 2000, the dastardly father was having one of his many, patented childish temper tantrums at home.

It was almost like a child going nuts at a grocery store because they didn’t get a candy bar. So he finds this Super Nintendo and throws it on the floor multiple times in a rage of epic proportions. Just him doing his usual thing. He just enjoyed breaking things such as video game systems and their games and there was also an evening where he took a hammer to a TV. This cannot be made up. Meek Mahan was a megolomaniac.

But what happened next was even more epic. The person who played that Super Nintendo was able to actually put the entire system back together. A screwdriver, new screws, glue, along with some duct tape and what do you know? It’s working again! It took a few hours over a couple days to get everything back in order. But even as a 14-year old, he was able to work wonders to play it again. And to this day, it’s still working. Dedication to a loved, sentimental treasure was displayed.

As ironic as it seems, the same dastardly father tried getting in the way of The Best In The Smoker’s World succeeding for the first 12 years of it’s existence. He had spent many a days having childish outbursts there as well. He treated it like it was this Super Nintendo. One day, the ultimate outburst happened and created “The Incident of 2013.”

One month later was 2014 and it lead to The Best In The Smoker’s World starting a new era at the current location. The store was put back together and to this day, it’s still standing. It doesn’t matter if there is duct tape all over it. If it’s still working, that’s all that matters. And neither the dastardly father nor his sons, known as The Two Obsolete Mules In Wisconsin, can take it away from us.

That’s durability.