Get the Smok Nord 4 here and for cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County.

Last week, we had a customer come in that was very upset after finding out he was ripped off by another store in town on the Nord 4. First, all he needed was something simple for salt juice. He was told about the Nord 4 and bought it from them. He came in saying it was leaking and when told about the wrong coils being used, he was even more frustrated.

The competing store didn’t even bother to tell him which coils to use for his juice. We ended up showing him the right ones and when he saw the price of $44.99 for the kit itself, he told us that this other store had it for around $65.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you. We guarantee the lowest price in town on all vapes and juice. Save money and time by seeing us.

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