Monthly Archives: March 2022

Mr. Competitor down the street and his new “business partner” made their own video for their store. We have it here for you to see.

This is no April Fool’s Day joke, ladies and gentlemen. Him and his “business partner” took a break from giving their own store five-star reviews with their numerous Google accounts to make this. He wants to be like us so bad, he’s now doing videos as well. Here is his first ever “paid announcement.” Prepare to be mesmerized. Mr. Competitor is back in the game!

The Lookah Seahorse Pro has been one of our top-selling dab vapes.

Not only can you use this for dabs, you can also unhook the attachment and use a vape cartridge as well. It’s easier to use than other types. You get the complete kit for $44.99. Mention this ad between now and April 15th to get $5 off one.

(Click to enlarge.)

Just saying hello to all the loyal customers on National Television.

Next stops: Dallas and Milwaukee. Keep your eyes on the TV as Best In The Smoker’s World continues it’s celebration as DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champions for an unprecedented, 20th consecutive year. Acknowledge us.

Here’s an updated Kratom lab report for the first quarter of 2022.

(Click to enlarge.)

In our reports, you can see there are no pesticides, chemicals or any other substances that have no business being in there. And what about our local competitors with their Kratom? Well, they have yet to provide their own reports after all these years because they know their brands are inferior. We post one every quarter.

We also watermarked our lab report because the village idiot that goes by the name of “Mr. Competitor Down The Street” screenshotted one of them many years ago and tried to pass it off as his. By the way, does anyone know if Mr. Competitor is still around or did his new “business partner” take over for good? I hear the new guy is just as much of a buffoon as he is. Oh well.

For the best Kratom in DeKalb County that is lab-tested and factory-sealed, see us.

Come see our new selection of HHC products!

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There is a reason why our local competitors continue to copy everything we do. It’s because we are the first ones to the finish line as they all try to play catch-up.

Flower, vape products and edibles are now available for HHC along with our CBD and Delta products. We have expanded our selection in the last month.

Have you checked out our expanded selection of American-made bongs?

Here is the Star Wars line that we’ve carried for a little while. We also have the same design in hand pipes. We get these from ATX Glassworks located in Texas and for the last two years, they have been one of our main distributors for pipes. They are all made in-house.

With the weather warming up, feel free to get a bong and smoke outside. Check out our entire selection today!

The 3000-Puff Posh Disposable Vape is only $19.99 from us.

And here is the reaction from Mr. Competitor Down The Street after being told by a customer what our price was.