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The trio of Smok products for salt nicotine

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Nord – Novo – Infinix: Get it here.

If we didn’t have the lowest prices in DeKalb County on all of our vaporizers and e-liquids, why would we guarantee it? Go ahead and check out our local competition for proof. If they tell you they will match our price, that’s all you need to know about us being cheaper to begin with. Over 17 years, we’ve seen this story too many times.

Stop in and see us today.

If this floor rug isn’t greeting you when you walk into a store, then you are in the wrong place.


Relationship on the rocks? A gift from us with the Valentine’s Day Sale will save it.

Don’t be foolish this year with Valentine’s Day by being generic. Flowers and chocolate isn’t the answer. Bongs and vaporizers are. Save money and most importantly, your relationship with a gift from us. View the video and get the details in this post. You have four days to do this. Don’t wait. Time is of the essence.

February 11th-14th:

Pipes above $30: 14% off

Vaporizers above $35: 14% off

Cigars (min. 5): 14% off

In addition, 14% off all candles, sprays, hitter boxes and grinders!