We carry many different e-liquids and are constantly bringing in new brands to strengthen your selection. The market is highly saturated with e-liquids and we strive to only carry brand name. Many vape stores make their own juice with no quality control. We feel very confident in our professionally-made products that are lab tested.

Below are just some of the brands and flavors we have carried over the last several years. Our e-liquid display is also in the pictures below. Click on pictures to enlarge. Naked, Pop, Bad Drip and Air Factory are some we currently have as of June 2020.

We guarantee the lowest price on all brand name e-liquids in DeKalb County. We are the only store in Dekalb County carrying all brand name products as well. We invite you to check us out today.

One response to “E-Liquids

  1. The tsunami peach – what size do they come in with zero nicotine and what is the price?
    Also do you mail vapors?
    Thank you

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