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Tired of paying over $7 for a pack of cigarettes? Roll your own and save a ton!

The Roll-Your-Own Division: The backbone of our store.

Since day one back in 2002, we’ve given you the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars per month when you make your own tobacco. With cigarette manufactures and the idiots in Springfield working hard to raise taxes, now couldn’t be a more perfect time to start making your own cigarettes.

“But it takes too much time.” “It makes a mess.” “It doesn’t taste like my regular cigarettes.”

Those arguments are invalid. Electric machines that we carry cut your time in half compared to others. And they stuff them better. Makes a mess? Get a tray and put it under the machine. We sell those too. Doesn’t taste like your Marlboro’s? Well, believe us when we say, once you find a combination of tobacco and tubes, you are going to wish you had done this a long time ago. Less chemicals? No fire-safe paper that makes your cigarette taste like crap if you try to re-light it? You get those perks when you make your own.

The choice is up to you. You want to pay over $70 for a carton of cigarettes or $12? I don’t know about you, but the latter price seems better to me. That’s a savings of up to $3,000 per year. Have any questions? Come in and talk to us. We have a machine right by the register and can show you how it’s done.

The Best In The World meets…The Best In The World.

It goes to show that people who go through the garbage of life always find a way to get out of it. By whatever means necessary, it gets done no matter what gets thrown at any of us. The paths were similar. The results are the same. The machine will not keep us down. Take notes, competitors. The Elite is here to stay.

Looking for Juul products at cheaper prices locally? Look no further than here.

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

Don’t let our local competition pick-pocket you. Our prices have remained the same since the start of the year. $18.99 for brand-name pods. $13.99 for third-party. Many flavors are available. Want to fill your own pods with juice? $9.99.

We have what you need and for much cheaper. We’ll see you here.

We want to thank DeKalb County’s Daily Chronicle for featuring our business in their newspaper this past weekend.

Dogs love our CBD Pet Treats. Yours will too.

Tired of spending hundreds/thousands at the vet for your best friend? We have products that may help out. Treats such as our bacon biscuits or peanut butter all the way to tinctures and water, it’s all here. Dogs that have had trouble with anxiety, pain or seizures have been helped with CBD products.

As it goes for all CBD products, we offer free shipping. Call us at 815-991-5955 to make an order today.

Spring is around the corner. Get ready for it with some cigars.

Two humidors full of the top brands on the market are available here.

Macanudo? Acid? Arturo Fuente?

Get them all and many more right here.