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4th Of July Sale: June 28th to July 3rd

Six days of savings are coming right at you. We will be closed on July 4th. Stock up beforehand.

Pipes above $25: 15% off

All cigars: 10% off

Grinders/Hitter boxes: 15% off

Vaporizers: 10% off

We are hiring.

Looking for some extra work? We’re looking for a responsible adult who has a flexible schedule and doesn’t mind working evenings and weekends. Must live close by or have reliable transportation. For more information, come in and talk to us.

That being said, do NOT come in and talk to us if the following characteristics apply to you:

  • Your mom still does your laundry.
  • You don’t know basic arithmetic.
  • You had to Google the definition of “arithmetic.” 
  • You call off work often.
  • You complain about not having enough hours and when you are given more, you complain about having to work.

So, this is what our governor is up to when he isn’t hiking taxes, raising the legal smoking age or taking toilets out of his mansions.

Customers: Tax increases on packs of cigarettes and vaporizers are coming starting July 1st. 18-20 year olds will also not be able to purchase tobacco or vaporizer products.

It’s happened. The scumbags in Springfield approved of new tax increases on both cigarettes and vaporizers. Four weeks from this post, things will be changing drastically in this state and in our store. This is your notice to stock up in whatever way you desire before these new laws kick in.

All customers: Packs of cigarettes will cost $1 more starting July 1st. Vaporizers and e-liquids will also cost more.

18-20 year olds: You will not be able to purchase tobacco or vaporizer products from us. That includes pipes and grinders. You will, however, still be allowed in our store if you are buying detox, Kratom, CBD, candles/sprays and incense sticks.

Unfortunately, we have to abide by the laws. The silver lining to this is that we will be stocking up big time during this month to help you out. If you have any other questions, you can come in and talk to us.

Congratulations to Mr. Jenkins for winning the championship this past Saturday night.