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“Have a nice day!”

Get your Stigs here for cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County.


Various brands and flavors

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Stop in and try our new strains of CBD Herb Extract!

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We’ll be closed on Easter to let the bunnies roam freely.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll back with normal business hours on Monday starting at 9:00 a.m.

4/20 is coming. Get your festivities going with us. (April 19th and 20th)

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Two days. That’s all you have for the 4/20 Sale. Friday and Saturday. We’re closed Easter Sunday. Check out the details in the ad.

Free shipping is available. Call us at 815-991-5955.

Many thanks are in order for the fine folks in New York City for their hospitality last weekend.

Another successful title defense occurred for us as our local competitors failed to answer the call in New York. Our competitor down the street as well as the weirdos on Lincoln Highway will continue to copy our ideas, but don’t even want to show up for a shot at the DeKalb County Tobacco Store Championship. The sold out crowd of over 82,000 people waited all seven hours for nothing. 17 years and still the best: The Best In The Smoker’s World.

First, a shout out to Oshere (pictured with me above), who came all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel to hang out with us for the festivities. He’s a good friend. Enjoy the chair, my brother!

Gratitude goes out to 2 Bros. Pizza, Turkish Cuisine on 9th Ave., Dos Toros Tacos and Dorrians in Jersey City for hosting us throughout the five-day period. We’ll see you all in the future.


Message to 18-20 year olds: Starting July 1st, you can go to war or vote for the people who put you there in the first place. But don’t you dare try to buy a bong from me!

You read that right, kids. The fat guy in Springfield signed the law that makes it 21 for you to buy any smoking/vaping product from us and in the state of Illinois. July 1st is the day it begins. That’s just under 90 days.

We ask that you stock up if needed as time gets closer. I’ve already spoken to my employees on this matter. We have to abide by the laws, as stupid as they may be. This is your notice right now that you have until July 1st to see us. If you are not 21 by July 1st, you will not be allowed to purchase anything from us outside of detox products, incense sticks, Kratom and CBD (as long as isn’t herb or e-liquid).

It’s not just the e-liquids. It’s also vaping devices and parts for them. We cannot sell those to you if you are 18-20 on July 1st.

“Hi, I’m J.B. Pritzker. Not only did I just raise the age to 21 in Illinois for tobacco, but I also eat my own ass.”

New glass pipes have arrived.

Many of you were thrown off this last week when we re-arranged the store. Don’t worry, it’s for the better. We’ve added more space for our glass pipes, hitter boxes and grinders. More space is good and and our prices are even better.

Whether you need a basic hand pipe for a few bucks or an American-made water pipe, it’s here and for cheaper than anywhere else in DeKalb County. We don’t need a room full of pipes with 90% of them being garbage. It’s quality over quantity. The best of the best. Check out the pictures in this post and when you’re ready, come by.