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NIU and Kishwaukee College students: Get Back To School with Best In The Smoker’s World! August 22nd through September 5th


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Our sixth annual Back To School Sale is going on right now through through Labor Day, September 5th. Sales on pipes, vaporizers, CBD products, Kratom, hookah tobacco and cigars are what is featured. Not a student? Not a problem. While you can’t get the extra specials, you still get the regular deals that we have detailed at the bottom.

It’s our longest and largest sale of the year. It’s The Back To School Sale and there is only one tobacco store in DeKalb County that has this annual celebration. It’s right here! Video and details are below. We’ll see you soon.

Here are the details:

Students: Show your school I.D. to add an extra 5% off to any sale item!

Pipes up to $20: 10% off

Pipes $20-$40: 15% off

Pipes above $40: 20% off

All NIU logo pipes and accessories: 15% off

Water pipes up to $50: 10% off

Water pipes $50-$100: 15% off

Water pipes above $100: 20% off

All vaporizers: 10% off

CBD Products: 10% off

Kratom: $2 off all capsules, powder and liquids

100 grams of Starbuzz, Haze and Bond Hookah Tobacco: $9.99

UPDATE (08/16) – As promised on this very website two weeks ago, more glass pipes have arrived along with a new vaporizer!

Here are some of the awesome pipes that you will see in our store while supplies last. Also included is the new, Tsunami Eruption Vaporizer. It’s a three-in-one vaporizer with a built-in lithium ion battery. Used mostly for dry and wax/oil, the Tsuuami Eruption will make Mr. Competitor, along with the other Brother Nero’s, “erupt” because of our price. And just to make everyone aware, Tsunami sells this on their website for $149.99. We have it for $89.99.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. In the mean time, we are going to continue to “pride ourselves”.

Cowabunga! (Waits for Doofus to copy this like he did with my Ninja Turtle pipes last year)

Cowabunga! (Waits for Doofus to copy this like he did with my Ninja Turtle pipes last year)


Smokey The Bear – Blue Cyclops – Ghost


BlackEruptionWebImage Photo courtesy of Tsunami E-Cig

Sour Dream: Tobacco-free nicotine


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ZERO tobacco alkaloids. A pure flavor. A delicious flavor. I’d say this one is a winner. 

It’s Sour Dream E-Liquid. It’s a 30 ML bottle. Tobacco-free nicotine levels are 0, 3 and 6. The retail price on this is $21.99. Now, you see the name of our store? Great. Two key words in our name is “Discount Tobacco”. That’s because we actually sell all of our products at or below retail price. Sour Dream is no different. $19.99 is our price for Sour Dream and if buy two, your price for each bottle is $17.99. 

You want a store that sells only brand name e-liquids? We believe in quality over quantity and we have both. Stop in today to see for yourselves.

Mr. Competitor, also known as The Obsolete Mule, is butt hurt because our prices are much lower than his. Our solution to this? Give him some Preparation H and make our prices even lower.

With that being said, click on the pictures below to enlarge. As you can see, we just bought a ton of new glass and Nector Collectors. Everything sold here is guaranteed to be cheaper than anywhere else. And we’re slashing our prices even more. All Nectar Collectors are $59.99. In two weeks, we’re getting in another huge order of glass and wood pipes just in time for school. You don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned.

Oh, and our Tsunami High Wave Wax Vaporizer that was $79.99 and $20 cheaper than anywhere else in town, guess what? We’re knocking that price down even lower to $69.99 for the next two weeks. We will not rest until the competition is DELETED. DELETED. DELETED. DELETED.