Mr. Competitor, also known as The Obsolete Mule, is butt hurt because our prices are much lower than his. Our solution to this? Give him some Preparation H and make our prices even lower.

With that being said, click on the pictures below to enlarge. As you can see, we just bought a ton of new glass and Nector Collectors. Everything sold here is guaranteed to be cheaper than anywhere else. And we’re slashing our prices even more. All Nectar Collectors are $59.99. In two weeks, we’re getting in another huge order of glass and wood pipes just in time for school. You don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned.

Oh, and our Tsunami High Wave Wax Vaporizer that was $79.99 and $20 cheaper than anywhere else in town, guess what? We’re knocking that price down even lower to $69.99 for the next two weeks. We will not rest until the competition is DELETED. DELETED. DELETED. DELETED.


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