Sour Dream: Tobacco-free nicotine


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ZERO tobacco alkaloids. A pure flavor. A delicious flavor. I’d say this one is a winner. 

It’s Sour Dream E-Liquid. It’s a 30 ML bottle. Tobacco-free nicotine levels are 0, 3 and 6. The retail price on this is $21.99. Now, you see the name of our store? Great. Two key words in our name is “Discount Tobacco”. That’s because we actually sell all of our products at or below retail price. Sour Dream is no different. $19.99 is our price for Sour Dream and if buy two, your price for each bottle is $17.99. 

You want a store that sells only brand name e-liquids? We believe in quality over quantity and we have both. Stop in today to see for yourselves.

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