Monthly Archives: February 2020

Here is an updated lab report on our factory-sealed Kratom.

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As it goes every quarter or so, we get an updated lab report on Kratom we sell. This lab report shows that there are no chemicals, yeast or mold and is 100% pure (received on February 11th). 

As it’s been documented to this point, our local competitors have never posted lab results of their Kratom on their websites. We do every few months after batches are tested.

Live outside the area? Give us a call at 815-991-5955 to make an order today. Please note, we cannot ship to the states of Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, Alabama and Arkansas. That’s because those five states have a history of lawmakers who sleep with their sisters and thus, don’t want to live normal lives.

All salt e-liquids: $16.99

Naked – VGod – I Love Salts and many more. We have different brands of salt e-liquids in varying flavors and nicotine levels. All of it is $16.99. You will not find brand name e-liquids in DeKalb County any cheaper than this. We’ll see you soon.

If you don’t get your loved one a gift from us for Valentine’s Day, be prepared to sleep on the couch.

If you get decide to get the usual chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day, don’t be upset at anyone but yourself when you’re in the dog house with your loved one. We’ve seen this too many times with others over the years. Be original. See us for amazing gifts. A bong is a much more impressive gift than socks.

Six days of deals are staring you right in the face. This sale starts Monday, February 10th. And if you are a procrastinator, we’re giving you the day after Valentine’s Day as well to get something for that special person. If I were you though, I’d stop wasting time. Click on the ad in the post to enlarge. See you here.

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I suggest this Valentine’s Day card for your loved one.