Monthly Archives: October 2022

The Halloween Sale is arriving soon.

From October 26th until the 31st, stop by to save more money on some of your favorite products such as bongs and Delta. Nothing spooky about it, folks. See the ad below for all of the details. We will see you here!

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Come check out our selection of Halloween pipes and bongs!

Get in the spirit this season. We’ve received more Halloween pipes from our friends at ATX in Texas as well as Chameleon Glass in Arizona. Here are just some of the ones we received last week such as Chucky, Jason and Jack. Stop in and get one today.

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Updated Kratom lab report for the fourth quarter of 2022

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Since 2009, we have provided customers with many options to give them an opportunity to have a better quality of life in a natural form. This is our Kratom lab report that we get in every quarter to ensure that you are buying a clean and effective product. We have many different strains to help suit your needs.

If you want Kratom that is effective, factory-sealed, tested quarterly with proper sanitary measures, stop in and see us. If you want Kratom that’s un-sealed, un-tested and thrown into a Ziploc bag by one of our competitors who wipes his ass before he takes a shit to save time, then by all means go right ahead.

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