Monthly Archives: July 2022

Tired of the rising costs of cigarettes? Roll your own.

This is a harsh reality. Cigarettes are going to keep going up at a ridiculous pace and we cannot stop that. Cartons are either nearing or over $100 thanks to the three major cigarette companies making excuses to become more greedy. And it has become worse the last two years.

But what remains very cheap is when you make your own cigarettes. How does $15 a carton sound? Much better than $100. Since Day One over 20 years ago, we have helped customers save on cigarettes.

We have the machines, tobacco, tubes and cases all for you at the guaranteed lowest prices in DeKalb County. Stop by and save today.

All salt e-liquids | $16.99

We can’t do anything about the price of gas. But, we can guarantee the lowest prices on all of our vape e-liquids in the entire county.

All salt e-liquids are indeed, $16.99 and not a penny more. Our competitors? They’re charging a minimum of $20. And that time you spend going there will waste more gas (and more importantly, time). So save time and money by coming here.