Monthly Archives: October 2021

Thanks to all who entered our October raffle!

We gave away over $200 in free products to customers. Our next raffle giveaway will be in December. Stay tuned to the website for details.

Who wants to save more money at our store? The Halloween Sale is here to help out.

Hey, kids. Did you all know that Mr. Competitor and his glorious “business partner” down the street think it’s Halloween every day of the year? Yes. They always dress up and spook customers with their asinine products and prices along with their beliefs that they are the best. But they always seem to forget to wear their Halloween masks with their costumes. Weirdos!

Here, we show up looking fantastic. And these deals we have? Words don’t say it all. We have to show it. And the Halloween Sale is the way we are going to do that. You have one week to save more cash than you usually do with us. Check out the video and ad in this post for all the details.

(Click to enlarge.)

Here is our updated Kratom lab report. (Tested September 30th)

(Click to enlarge.)

We will keep it simple here. We post these results every quarter due to our local competition selling garbage and ineffective Kratom. They also have yet to show their lab results after we’ve been calling them out for years to do so. Instead, they are busy posting memes on their websites and copying our product ideas (hence, why we watermarked this picture). These results, as it is every time, shows no metals, bacteria or synthetic materials.

So if you want Kratom that is thrown into a sandwich bag by a crackhead, go to our local competition. For the largest and best selection of Kratom in the state of Illinois from people who actually wash their hands after using the bathroom, come see us. Free shipping is available if you are out of the area with the exception of a few states.