Monthly Archives: December 2022

Happy New Year to all! We will be closed from January 1st through the 4th!

Our 20th year has been completed. And what a year it was. We want to thank all of you for the support and that cannot be understated. It’s been a crazy last few years and we know it hasn’t been easy.

We are taking a much-needed break for four days starting on New Year’s Day. We will be back on Thursday, January 5th with normal business hours. For those who made orders over the phone in the last few days, tracking numbers have been emailed to you.

We wish all of you a safe and happy New Year.

Closing out the year on a high note.

Three National Television appearances in 12 days doesn’t phase us one bit as we were out reminding everyone that Best In The Smoker’s World has been the champions then, now and forever. Front row seats in the same exact spot for all three shows as well. Those impostors have nothing on us.

And in 2023, it will be no different. San Antonio, Phoenix, Grand Rapids and Los Angeles will be visited within the first 90 days of the year. Acknowledge us.

We will be closed on Christmas Day as we wait for Santa to come by our homes to deliver what we really want.

We have obtained Santa’s Naughty or Nice List this year. Which side are you on?

This list has been confirmed by the elves at the North Pole. Those on the nice list get everything they asked for. With those on the wrong side, you all get coal in your stockings for being the rotten bastards that you are. Enjoy!

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The Holiday Sale begins Saturday, December 17th!

Two full weeks of deals are coming at you. We will be open normal hours except for Christmas before going on a break January 1st. Stock up now so you aren’t left out. We will see you here!

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King Slash’s favorite CBD pet treats are 20% off for the entire month of December!

Available in Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter and Bacon, these treats are vital in King Slash’s mission to continue catching squirrels and chipmunks at a high speed. And despite us having awful neighbors, the mess he leaves in their yard is much easier to pick up after taking a few of these delicious biscuits.

Try a bag for your best friend this holiday season.

We will be closed for four days starting January 1st for a break.

We are letting all of you know now so you can plan accordingly. We are open normal hours all December with the exception of Christmas.

We will begin our new year on Thursday, January 5th.

Indianapolis, it’s been a pleasure.

We’re back on tour promoting the business despite imitators trying to steal the spotlight. December will have stops in Milwaukee and Rosemont. And in January, San Antonio. Keep your eyes on the television.