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O.P.M.S. Black | A More Pure Kratom Extract!

Available in both capsules and liquid shots, O.P.M.S. Black has been carried at our store the last few months. The feedback has been great. For those wanting to try something different than the original Gold line, this could be a great alternative. The prices are the same as the others. A five-pack is $33.99 and the liquid shot is $16.99. We are the only official retailer for O.P.M.S. products in DeKalb County.

The best selection of Kratom products throughout the state of Illinois is right here. Stop in and see us. Free shipping is available for those outside the area as well.

Esco Bars are here!

$16.99 | $2500 Puffs

We guarantee the lowest prices on all disposable vapes in DeKalb County. You know where to find us.