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Raw Face Masks | $11.99 (Three-Pack)

You’ve seen them in our store recently and more have arrived. These masks are comfortable and customers have enjoyed them more than other types of masks they have worn. You get a three pack for $11.99.

As it goes for all products we’ve had before anyone else does, our competition down the street ends up copying us by carrying the same ones. Well, we can GUARANTEE that The Village Idiot will not steal this idea. Why would we make such a significant statement? Let’s just say that you can come up with your own conclusions on that one.

And if you see him around town, add some extra humor in your life by wearing this mask proudly and asking him if he will ever carry them himself.

Come get your Raw masks here.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a bong for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

(Click on ad to enlarge.)

Fact: Men, if you don’t get your lady a gift from us this Valentine’s Day, she’s going to leave you and she’s not coming back because you were lame and picked up a dozen fake roses from the gas station.

Fact: When your woman does leave you, she eventually ends up at “Moe Fro’s” where she will receive a belated Valentine’s Day gift.

Fact: Best In The Smoker’s World has all the gifts this Valentine’s Day so the scenarios above don’t happen.

What we’re trying to say is that you have seven days and zero excuses to save your relationship this year. Don’t be ridiculous and get chocolate or flowers like everyone else. Be original by getting a bong, vape or any of the other sale items we have.

See you soon.