Monthly Archives: August 2021

Thank you, Milwaukee!

I’m excited. You’re excited. We all are excited.


What an amazing moment it was on Friday, August 20th. I consider myself very blessed for being able to get into the building. Two National Television appearances down and four more to go by Labor Day. Keep watching.

Students, we are giving you two weeks to save money with the Back To School Sale.

We are title-takers and history-makers. And every year, we prove that with an extravaganza like this. Show your school I.D. to get an additional 5% off sale items. This begins August 23rd and ends Labor Day, September 6th. Bring your bookbag in and fill it up with goodies. You know where to find us.

(Click to enlarge.)

We have expanded our selection of rolling trays!

Starting at $6.99, you can come in and get one that suits you best. Small, medium and large trays are available with many different designs. You can get one with a simple design or go all out with a fancy one. We have it for you here at the guaranteed lowest prices in all of DeKalb County.

FINALLY (after 18 months), The Fro Dog has come back to National Television!

Three more appearances coming up in the next month. Keep your eyes on the TV as we continue to piss off our competition along with the two obsolete mules in Wisconsin. Who’s laughing now?

Your dog wants to wear what King Slash wears. Your dog wants a Raw Collar.

(Click to enlarge.)

For the last year, dog collars from Raw have been a hot commodity among customers. We have three different sizes that all adjust. Our boss, King Slash, loves his. It is made from natural hemp fibers and therefore, very comfortable. The best part? Raw donates 100% of the proceeds to animal shelters.

And let’s be honest, you want your dog to wear a collar from a pet store that everyone else has? Or do you want your dog to rise above the rest with everyone you encounter asking “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT RAW COLLAR? IT’S SO AWESOME!!!”

Make the right decision. Get your best friend a Raw collar today.