Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Halloween Sale begins Friday, October 26th!

“Do you have any deals going on?”

That’s a question we get nearly every day. First, you already get a deal just by shopping here rather than going to the competition. That’s an automatic savings. Now, we’re giving you six days for the Halloween Sale to save even more money.

This always happens when someone comes in a week after a sale ends asking us what sales we have going on. This is more than enough notice. You have no excuses, folks. It’s not our fault if you miss out. We’re open normal hours during these sales’ days. We’ll see you here.

Pipes above $25: 15% off

Vaporizers above $35: 10% off

Grinders/Dugout Boxes: 10% off

CBD Flower: 10% off

(Our reaction everytime we steal away a new customer from Doofus down the street)

I love that idiot. High prices, garbage products and “I CAN CUT YOU A DEAL” antics on customers who have no interests whatsoever in what he’s trying to sell. That’s a recipe for someone getting in their car and driving a mile North on 23 to us. Amazing.

We’ll take care of you here. No hassling. No following you all over the store. No goofy sales’ pitches while jumping all over the place either. Come in, get what you need and we’ll see you the next time. Simple, right?

My experience using CBD Oil.

We have an entire showcase of CBD products as we have doubled our inventory in the last year. All of our CBD is the same. It just comes down to the type you want to try. Tincture? Edible? Vape? Flower? We have it all here. Stop on by or call us to have it shipped. 815-991-5955.

Message to The Nefarious Brother Nero In Wisconsin: You will fade away and classify yourself as OBSOLETE.

“You have been DELETED. But I know what you will do next. You will adopt a pseudonym and re-open the compound on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb with your dastardly father of the mere mortal family, MEEK MAHON!”