Monthly Archives: November 2019

We will be closed on Thanksgiving to watch the surviving turkeys fly far and away from our ovens.

Don’t worry. We’ll back for leftovers on Friday. Our Black Friday sale continues through Sunday. Look below for details.

The annual Black Friday Weekend Sale is nigh. (November 27th through December 1st)

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Unlike other stores, we aren’t going to make you camp out at 3:00 in the afternoon just to be one of the firsts in line at midnight for deals. Instead, feel free to rest up. We have four days of deals starting Wednesday, November 27th with our Black Friday Weekend Sale. Check out the details in this post. We will be closed Thanksgiving and open normal hours before and after.  We will see you here.

Check out the new additions to our selection of water pipes and grinders.

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In the last three weeks, we have received two orders of water pipes and grinders from our main suppliers. We are fully stocked and will be adding more as we head into December.

Got Vape/Sutra – Eight years of carrying this brand has not brought us any sorrow whatsoever. What started with just vaporizers has turned into e-juice, pipes and grinders. The grinders are aluminum and are long-lasting.

Greenhouse – Their website is listed below. Type in the zipcode and you will see us as an official retailer for Greenhouse pipes, grinders and CBD vape cartridges. American made products for you and available right here. We have carried Greenhouse products for over three years and we haven’t been disappointed. You won’t be either. Whether it’s dry herb or dabs, Greenhouse gives you the option for both.

Stop in and see these products for yourself.

Let’s compare pricing between us and the coke bar down the street, shall we?

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Recently, a customer brought in an empty bag of rolling tobacco to ask us if we carried it. As soon as I saw the bag, I immediately noticed the price tag. Afterwards, I showed this customer our price and the following words were said:

“I am going to start coming here now. You guys are way cheaper.”

I asked this customer if I could keep the bag to show others. While we continue to say we are cheaper than everywhere else, we also need to show that we are. We are doing exactly that with this picture.

What will happen next is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler. The weirdo with the broken arm down the street will read this like he reads everything else on my site and tell everyone that he vows to match all prices while continuing to copy everything I do.

No need to match prices here. We have them all beat by two miles. You know where to find us.