Four cities in 21 days has been completed.

Competing stores from outside DeKalb County were offered to step through The Forbidden Door this past Sunday to challenge Best In The Smoker’s World for The DeKalb County Tobacco Store Championship in front of over 15,000 fans. Not one answered the call. That means all four stops on the tour were a success with the last being in The House That Jordan Built.

I could thank many and rightfully so. But I want to thank one person in particular. That is Mr. Competitor Down The Street. If it wasn’t for him chasing a bunch of customers out of his Sooper Dooper Pooper Store in all of the years, these front row premium seats at every show aren’t possible. Consistently winning championships isn’t possible without him. I need him to stay in business. It’s motivation and desire to stay hungry.

Best In The Smoker’s World: Fall in line. Acknowledge us.

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