***We are giving away a free glass pipe every week in October.***


For some of you long-time customers going back to the old location in DeKalb, we often did raffles and giveaways to show thanks to all of you. Well, we’re doing it again and often from here on out.

All October, buy any glass hand pipe above $25 and be entered to win another selected hand pipe valued between $10 and $25. Pipes are selected randomly. Weekly drawings will be done every Friday with an additional drawing on Halloween. Don’t win the first week? Your ticket stays in the bin for another chance. Of course, only one winner per entry. We’re trying to give other people chances to win.

Raffles for select pipes and vaporizers will also be given during this period. $2 enters you into a random drawing for select items.

Winners will be notified by phone and when they can pick up their free glass pipe.

Good luck to everybody and we’ll see all of you here in October!

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