More cigars. More cigars. And more cigars.


A while back, someone submitted a question on our website asking if our business was a franchise. My reply was: “If by franchise, you mean, star player on a team? Then, yes. All of us working here are franchise players.”

Well, the products we sell are the main reason for that. Look at our import cigars. We have the best selection in town with humidors to store them in. And now, we have added new cigars as well as some familiar ones that we carried at our previous location. Helix and Ashton are our old friends making a return after a three-year hiatus. Macanudo Inspirado is the new addition to the franchise.

More gift packages are here with the Rocky Patel Edge Series, Partagas and Punch Starting Lineups. Click on the picture above to enlarge. The weather is still decent outside. A cigar is ideal. Stop in today.

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