DeKalb County’s first home for CBD products is right here.

(Click to enlarge.)

Before all of the gas stations, health stores and goofball competitors copied us, we were the only game in town for CBD. Now, as you know, it’s everywhere. What’s sad is that due to the garbage that’s being sold in the places I’ve mentioned, CBD hasn’t been getting the praise it deserves. Because of this, many became discouraged in trying new brands due to the ones they bought from our competition that have zero significant and positive effects. Roughly, 85% of the products on the market is garbage.

The other 15% is right here in our store.

Since 2015, we’ve provided CBD products. Lab-tested and brand-name. From the flower herb to tinctures and gummies all the way down to pet treats, it’s here. Stop in and see for yourself.

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