Here are lab results of our Kratom and CBD herbs that are 100% pure, contain no chemicals, bacteria or synthetic materials.

Lab report showing our CBD Herb Extract contains no THC, mold or any foreign matter (synthetic)

With recent news of synthetic marijuana making the rounds after years of being non-existent, we wanted to assure our customers that what we sell is NOT synthetic marijuana. Our CBD Herb Extract derives from the actual marijuana plant and contains no Delta THC (the psychoactive component). For three years, we have sold CBD products that are pure hemp.

In addition, more false reports of Kratom are being out out there courtesy of the Freaking Dumb Asses (FDA). Just like a lot of stories on the internet, this is another example of “fake news”. We want to tell each and every one of you to stop reading outlets on these products. Instead, go to the source. That’s us at this store. Not crap like CNN or NPR, who both have posted false stories on Kratom recently.

Unlike our competition in the area, our Kratom and CBD products are factory-sealed and brand name. Our proof is in this posting for all of you to see with our lab reports. We carry 100% pure Kratom and CBD products. That’s how it’s been for all of these years. Stop in and see for yourself. Live too far? We give free shipping to 46 states on Kratom and all 50 for Cannabinoid Oil. 815-991-5955.

Kratom lab report: No salmonella, mold or listeria

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