Buyer Beware: All plain-colored 18650 vaporizer batteries sold by local and online markets are knock-offs.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Sony? Samsung? LG?

Fact: None of those companies make 18650 batteries. Their logos are not on these batteries either. Check any of those websites and see for yourself if they even sell those batteries or not. We’ve been telling customers this for years. We have had several come in and tell us that the batteries they bought online or at local stores ended up frying their mods, causing them to not turn on at all. Some of them in the part where the batteries go were completely burnt out.

Fact: Our Conflict and Wulf-Mod 18650 Batteries are brand-name.

We only sell authentic, brand-name batteries. Our prices are very competitive with these types. Some people may come in and not know of the brand we sell and that’s fine. But one thing we can tell our customers is this: We don’t sell garbage here. If you do want garbage, however, there is an impostor store about a mile down the road that sells plenty of it. I am sure he’ll even throw it into a Hefty bag for you. Or as we learned a few weeks back, it’s a Ziploc bag.

For authentic brand-name batteries, we’ll see you here.

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