A return to where it all began: New Orleans

It was 2014. The King of Kings had to start all over again due to the machine. Well, we can proudly say that four years later, the machine has been taken down. It all started in March of 2014 with a trip to New Orleans. Now, it’s become an annual tradition of going to various cities to defend the title of DeKalb County Tobacco Store Champion.

As shown last year, the Doofus down the street became a wise man by deciding not to show up. Still, he continues to steal ideas and be just a big goofball in his store by bouncing around begging people to buy things they don’t need. Hilarious.

Special thanks to Spirits on Bourbon for once again, hosting all of us. Those burgers were delicious. What a great day.

We are the 16-time champions. Now, that is great. Here are more pictures. Enjoy!

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