NIU Students: Don’t leave town without stopping by for our fifth annual Spring Break Sale!



Oh, NIU students. Don’t you dare be sour! All because the competition is ripping you off doesn’t mean we follow suit. For 14 years, we have been your number one tobacco store. 14 years of being the champion of tobacco stores in DeKalb County have taught us this: If isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Our methods, concepts and ideas have remained the same. So clap for your 14-time tobacco store champs and feel the power. It’s a New Day. Yes it is!

So here we go again by sticking it to our competition. What’s better than having the cheapest prices in town on all smoking products? Those same products being on sale. And that’s what we’re doing for our fifth annual Spring Break Sale from March 6th to March 15th. Don’t leave for Spring Break until you come see us. From March 6th to March 15th, we have sales on our glass pipes. Oh, and before I get to that, all vaporizers (pen-style and box mods) are 10% off during this time as well.

Our sales are as follows on glass pipes and water pipes:

Up to $25: 10% off

$25-$75: 15% off

$75-$100: 20% off

Above $100: 25% off

Can you believe that? If you buy any pipe above $100, you will automatically save $25 off the sticker price. Can the competition do that? If so, I have some swampland in Florida that I can sell you real cheap.

We’ll see you here from March 6th to March 15th.

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