From the folks who brought you Muffin Man and Milk Man comes Police Man! $55.99 for all flavors!


So, if your father isn’t the Milk Man or even, dare I say, the Muffin Man, you’re only left with one choice: The Police Man.

Customers, I have to say, I wish I had carried One-Hit Wonder products way before I started carrying them in October. I’ve been kicking myself a bit. But, as the fighting champion that I am, I’ve continued to guarantee the lowest price on all of the One-Hit Wonder products.

Muffin Man – My Man – Rocket Man – Milk Man – And now, Police Man is here for only $55.99. That’s 180 ML for only $55.99, which is $4 less than the retail.

Just to show you how much cheaper this is than anywhere else, customers over the last few months have told me that our Doofus competitor in town charges about $80 for the same stuff. Let’s see, $55.99 from The Best There Is or $80 down the street from the tool who couldn’t locate his rear end if he had both of his hands and a map? This is a tough one. Wait, what’s that? “WE MATCH ALL PRICES.” – Yes, I am sure you do, wonder boy. But I am going to stick with Best In The Smoker’s World on this one.

We’ll see you here soon. And before I forget, are you located far away and want this shipped? Free shipping to all, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to make your order today. 815-991-5955


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