Fuchai 200W and Conflict Value Pack 50W box mods are here! (Free shipping available)

Let's see if our competition copies this picture.

Let’s see if our competition copies this picture.

Shortly before Christmas, I decided to bring in some more box mods to strengthen our vaporizer division and thus, gain further distance between us and the competition in town. With all of these newer stores popping up on every on every street corner (insert hooker joke here), we continue to not miss a step.

Enter the Fuchai 200W Temperature Control box mod. Sigelei has been known for having some of the best box mods on the market. We started carrying this right before Christmas and it’s becoming one of our best-selling mods. 18650 Batteries are sold separately. The Fuchai 200 Watt from The Best In The Smoker’s World is the real deal and you get it for $99.99. The only place in DeKalb County to get authentic Sigelei products is right here, baby! It’s Best In The Smoker’s World. Mention this post from our website and you will get 10% off of this or any other box mod kit. Want it shipped? Give us a call: 815-991-5955.

Competition, I'm *watching* you. Now, go hide in your hole.

Competition, I’m *watching* you. Now, go hide in your hole.

Next up is a value pack of all sorts. It’s the Conflict 50 Watt Temperature Control. The best part? It’s a value pack that includes the tank, nickel coil along with a regular sub ohm coil. Want something even better? The Conflict Temperature Control has a built-in lithium-ion battery. You read that right. You do not need separate batteries like you do with other mods. All of this is just $99.99 as well. You won’t find many box mod kits that include the tank. This is a savings of about $25. The only place to get Conflict products in DeKalb County (until the competition copies us like they do with everything else) is right here, at The Best In The Smoker’s World. If you mention this post to us, we’ll give you 10% off any box mod kit.

We only sell authentic vaporizers. It has been brought to our attention from customers that quite a few of these folks, who call themselves competition, sell knock off box mods for retail price or lower. Don’t let those snorters rip you off. All of our box mods come with authenticity labels and warranty cards. We guarantee the lowest price on all box mods, accessories and e-liquids. We give free standard shipping on all non-tobacco products with no minimum order. 815-991-5955 is the number to call and Best In The Smoker’s World at 1565 Dekalb Ave. in Sycamore, Illinois is the place to be.

Best In The Smoker’s World Discount Tobacco and Entertainment has been a business mainstay in DeKalb County since 2002. Come see why today.

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