Kelly Pedersen of DeKalb came into our store and harassed one of our employees over refusal to wear a mask.

In this video, this woman came in and shouted expletives for a minute straight. When contacting Sycamore Police over this, they knew exactly who she was immediately because of her criminal history in the county. This woman is a fucking whacko. I am letting everyone know that if you run into this woman, do not engage in any type of contact. Do not involve yourself personally nor professionally with her. I ask all of you to share this post with anyone you know to make sure they don’t run into this disgusting excuse for a human.

If you check the DeKalb County Circuit Clerk’s online criminal records, you will see she has been arrested countless times in the last several years for offenses such as electronic harassment, disorderly conduct, driving on a sidewalk (yes, you read that right) and leaving the scene of an accident. She’s also had multiple orders of protections filed against her.

It’s really simple, folks. Do not come in and disrespect my employees for doing their jobs or I will make you famous. We are following the laws and keeping people safe. We’re not here for childish bullshit propaganda. We’re here to run a business.

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