Here’s a shocker: The Village Idiot Down The Street stole another one of our ideas with Delta 8 THC. Let’s lower our prices even more now.

I love Mr. Competitor. I never want him to go out of business because it gives all of you a comparison to see who’s products and prices are not only better, but how better treated you are when coming in. Delta 8 THC has been red hot. Of course, we were the first ones to get it nearly six months ago. Now, he’s on a mission to convince everyone that he’s the real winner and that his products are the greatest. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Let’s show you an example.

Delta 8 THC Dabs from us | $54.99 $42.99

Delta 8 THC Dabs from Doofus | $99~

Indeed. We lowered the price of Delta 8 THC Dabs $12 just to show that when you buy two from us, you only get one from him. And we all know who has the better product to begin with. You know where to find us.

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