Message to customers regarding business operations during Illinois’ “Stay-At-Home” order:

For 18 years, it has been our mission to provide customers with products that suit their needs at affordable prices. What is also important is the safety of our customers. And I assure you, that will continue. We want to be certain all of you are comfortable while in our store. We will be open normal business hours during these times as we know many of our customers rely on products such as Kratom and CBD to continue living a better quality of life.

With all that is going on in our world, we are providing you with a place to escape even if it’s just for a few minutes. The TV is always on here and while we continue to run our business, we have adapted to recent changes as recommended by medical experts to continue staying open.

We ask that you please take precautions as well. We have had hand sanitizer next to our register the last several years. Please take advantage of that. Do not sneeze or cough into your hands. As it’s been since we opened, if you put your mouth on any pipe or vape while looking at it, you’re not leaving the store until you buy it. Plain and simple. Don’t lick your fingers to sort cash out when paying. That’s disgusting and you’re being a Richard for putting others at risk like that.

We are here and we will continue to do what we do best: entertain you. Thank you for your support.

Muhammad Mustafa – Owner

One response to “Message to customers regarding business operations during Illinois’ “Stay-At-Home” order:

  1. Benjamin F Brown

    so glad to hear your staying open!!

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